Kim Kardashian Has Leprosy

August 10th, 2011 // 193 Comments

Granted, I already know Kim Kardashian has psoriasis because she made it a point to announce it in a PR campaign, I think it’s important to make sure we come up with our own theories to muddy the waters of reality until no one knows what the truth is anymore. Sort of like how she copied Paris Hilton by selling her own sex tape to get famous and now pretends it was tragically leaked. So, on that note, I’m going to say this is leprosy because God forsakes liars, and then you guys can come up with your own like “leg herpes” or “traveling ass pimples.” This is how journalism works, I went to college.

UPDATE: Reader Mauro just floated an interesting theory: “Are those the side effects of her ‘diet pills?’” I don’t know see how we don’t treat that as fact.

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  1. seagalisgod


  2. Kim Kardashian Psoriasis
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    Didn’t know psoriasis caused cellulite. Better never go out without the spanx again!

  3. Kim Kardashian Psoriasis
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    that ass is very strange… doesn t look real at all !! and if it s real, well that angle makes it look like it s made with silicone parts

  4. Kim Kardashian Psoriasis
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    horse fly attack ? lol

  5. Kim Kardashian Psoriasis
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    come on, that ass can t be real !! just look at that thing !!! is totally out of proportion

  6. Mohammed Akbar

    This truly would break the camel’s back . She is too fat to properly service royalty in my brothels

  7. Karl Donitz

    In Germany , she would be fine for brothels , since we like a little extra meat up north near Hamburg. She is bordering on too fat for the higher – class customers , except the “chubby – chasers”

  8. Kim Kardashian Psoriasis
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    she has psoriysis or however you spell that. haha

  9. Kim Kardashian Psoriasis
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    Better comin than goin!

  10. skuddles

    Leg herpes?

    Man she has a huge fat ass and lumpy gross legs – aside from the leg herpes. If that’s what she looks like now… just wait until she pops out a couple of kids – her ass is gonna need it’s own solar system and don’t even get me started on the huge floppy tits….

  11. Kim Kardashian Psoriasis
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    People with psoriasis are assholes!

  12. It is really of any surprise to anyone that she’s covered in scabs?

  13. Kim Kardashian Psoriasis
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    She still can’t one up Paris Hilton, psoriasis ain’t got shit on herpes

  14. Sledman

    She has a pretty face, but other then that she’s fucking gross, skin issues or not. Never saw the appeal to her at all, guess I’m just not into fat chicks.

  15. Her boyfriends are so dumb and diseased that when they do 69, the boy ends up licking her legs because shes so short. Hence the scabs on her lower body. The places some of tongues have been. Humphries is so tall she probably now has sores on the bottom of her feet thanks to him.

  16. rican

    Those are zits on her legs, that’s how they roll on her body.

  17. Brett Lockett gave those to her. I wonder if Humphries is upset she still has not sued him for all those slanderous remarks he didnt apologize for.

    I just hope hes getting paid more to marry him then Lockett probably got to keep quiet about all the infidelity.


    • Kathie

      I couldn’t believe when I read she was having her wedding broadcast as a 2 part series AND you could get the fragrance..A ONE TIME SPECIAL OFFER of **100**…Now the rest of us who know the devistation of the psoriatic disease spectrum..who have endured years of discrimination, discomfort and now diabling joint pain and who knows what in the future. I can’t wish her harm, but could you give a Foundation a donation of your profits..Like the National Psoriasis Foundation…What a self-centered, self- absorbed b*tch..Can you tell I am on steroids because my Remicade has failed!!!!!!

  18. Kim Kardashian Psoriasis
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    Looks like snookie from behind to me…

  19. Kim Kardashian Psoriasis
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    fucking gross legs and ass

  20. Kim Kardashian Psoriasis
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    People with psoriasis have sore asses and are worse than Hitler.

  21. Kim Kardashian Psoriasis
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    Psoriatics are worthless parasites like lepers.

  22. Kim Kardashian Psoriasis
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    Psoriasis = antisemitism. People with psoriasis should be dealt with very harshly.

    • batgirl

      Hey…you are a Fluckface if thats your way of thinking. Psoriasis is a serious issue. Fluckface need to take a back seat!

  23. Kim Kardashian Psoriasis
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    looks like AIDS

  24. Kim Kardashian Psoriasis
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    Lepers and people with psoriasis need to take a long, in depth look at what they are doing to humanity and do the right thing; that is, move to Gaza with the rest of the human garbage.

    • … and then we are left your gene pool for the betterment of human kind? Do you think you are funny? Your comment portrays ignorance at a level that is rarely witnessed in the 21st century, so you should be very proud of yourself. You are an a##hole that stands above all a##holes. I know it is pointless, but if you were to educate yourself, you would learn that psoriasis is an autoimmune condition and leprosy is a bacterial infection and both conditions are treatable. Unfortunately, being an a##hole is not.

  25. kass

    maybe thats the result from laser
    sometimes it burns the skin and she said once that she does it

  26. Kim Kardashian Psoriasis
    fed up
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    NASTY, NASTY I wish the media would quit covering this nasty fat @ss and it would kill her career and maybe she would crawl back under whatever rock she’s from and disappear forever.

  27. Kim Kardashian Psoriasis
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    YUM! I agree real asses move! That ass looks cray!!! Not normal! I can literally see the implant shape

  28. Kim Kardashian Psoriasis
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    Why the hell is this spoiled brat human urinal famous?

  29. Kim Kardashian Psoriasis
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    …i swear she was trying to lose weight for her wedding day…. why does she look SO much bigger ?

  30. Kim Kardashian Psoriasis
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    disgusting bitch

  31. Kim Kardashian Psoriasis
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    “Ms. Kardashian, won’t you keep the towel? We, uh, really don’t want it now that you’ve touched it.”

  32. Fandy

    She has whorealitus…it’s a common disease among the hollywook skank club, guess they all used the same towel to wipe the jizz off.

  33. Kim Kardashian Psoriasis
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    it’s ringworm, she needs Blue Star ointment

  34. k333ly

    sometimes herpes appears on other parts of the body!

  35. the one

    please stay calm………………………..IT’S PHOTO-SHOPPED, folks.

  36. Venom

    Paris must have peed on her legs.

  37. Kim Kardashian Psoriasis
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    Jack London had psoriasis! He was a communist.

  38. Kim Kardashian Psoriasis
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    Stupid, fat assed, psoriasis bitchdog!

  39. Leprosy?!?
    What? Did her ass fall off? How many people died????

  40. Kim Kardashian Psoriasis
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    You know when she hits 40, she’s going to blow up like The Goodyear Blimp.

    That’s in 5 years, yes?

  41. Kim Kardashian Psoriasis
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    Am I the only one seeing those heels? That ain’t psoriasis-

  42. Kim Kardashian Psoriasis
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    Look at those ladylumps. Kris is definitely marrying a soon-to-be-blown up fatty in waiting. Just one kid, Kim..and you’ll be 200 pounds.


  43. Mike

    Three words: wages of sin.

    • Booster68

      Are you free of sin, Mike? If you answered yes, you are a huge liar and worse off than this woman is. I hate holier-than-thous.

  44. the one

    her legs are quite all right.

  45. Yo Yosipha

    What a bunch of uneducated ignorant idiots! This is the real reason the US is the way it is today! People in the media need to know the facts before they start selling their stories!

  46. Veronica R. Bonilla

    How sad that you’ll would compare Psoriasis with Leprosy well get informed then talk, Psoriasis is an immune system disorder, I hope you apologize to Kim Kardashian and all those who suffer from Psoriasis like me.

  47. Ren

    You are discusting! It is not leprosy. Psoriasis is a real condition thousands have. I demand you take this article down. You’re probably some ugly cow behind a computer screen jealous of kims fame and beauty

  48. Kim Kardashian Psoriasis
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    Really? Leprosy? Psoriasis is not contagious, it’s as skin condition… Grow up.

    • batgirl

      Its something your born with……handed down through generations. You don’t even know if you have it until you show signs in your thirties>

      • if you know ANYthing about this site it should be that imaturity is funny and we love it. so if you’re looking for a symapthetic take on Kim’s ‘psoraisis’ (i think its much more likely herpes of the entire body because she’s a human trash can) you’re on the wrong site.

  49. Jen

    Don’t you get to a certain level of richness where you can pay white people to do your nails instead of Asians?

  50. Nic

    I am NOT repeat NOT a KK fan. This is a hideous attack on billions of psoriaisis sufferers. This is not a self inflicted illness, not curable, not contagious, not sexually transmitted. It is a killer disease, is painful, is humiliating to have This is the article writers way of manipulating you all to say horrific things about the illness NOT Kim.

    • Caroline

      Amen Nic. It’s amazing how people are so eager to show their ignorance and unkindness openly on the internet. SHAME on all of you! Hopefully your offspring will suffer psoriasis and you can see firsthand how what horrible people you are.

    • Booster68


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