The Kim Kardashian/Paparazzi Truce Has Ended. Begin The Ass Wars!

For the record, I really am trying to limit the amount of Kim Kardashian posts on here even though you people have repeatedly demonstrated you’ll click the shit out of anything that has to do with her giant butt, so really I just wasted both our time with this sentence. Anyway, what you’re witnessing here are more than just new shots of Kim at the gym this morning, but something that would’ve never happened a year ago which proves my theory that this baby is a Hail Mary pass to maintain relevancy (and sell sex tapes). You see, the paparazzi never used to go near Kim’s butt, and not just for general safety but because they had an agreement that she’d tell them where she was as long as they never shot her from behind. Granted, you still got the occasional butt shot because physics, but never would you see one of them get close enough for a prostate exam. It’s downright brazen. Although, not as brazen as her trying to hide it by pulling down the back of her shirt. I have depth perception, you bitch!

Photo: Bauer-Griffin, Splash News