Kim Kardashian Will Tweet Baby Photos For Free Because Kanye West ‘Changed’ Her?

If Teen Mom has taught me anything about pregnancy, it’s that having a child does absolutely nothing to help women make smarter decisions, and in some cases, actually makes them stupider, so get ready for this horseshit: Against Kris Jenner’s pimp-wishes, Kim Kardashian actually wants to tweet photos of her baby for free because Kanye West helped her “change her priorities.” You just read that. Via Hollywood Life:

A source close to Kim told the New York Daily News that it’s Kim’s money hungry mom and manager Kris who is more interested in selling the first baby photos for money.
“Kim isn’t going to sell the pics. She’s not interested in doing that at all,” the source told the newspaper.
Ever since dating Kanye — who is super private like his pals Beyonce and Jay-Z — Kim has changed her priorities.
“Kris is the one who wants to make money, but Kanye has changed Kim so much. He’s not interested in doing any of that. He did one episode of her show and he’s not coming back on,” the source added. “He’s not ever shown on Kourtney & Kim Take Miami. It’s just not good for his image and he’s way more private than Kim.”

Jokes aside, this actually makes sense when you realize Kim Kardashian pulled off an incredible gold-dig and really doesn’t have to do a fucking thing her mom says anymore. That is until she remembers the tapes. The hours upon hours of tapes. “My Kim, who’s this pooping on your chest?” she’ll say behind a monitor. “Why it’s Osama Bin Laden! How do you suppose that get on here? (Bring me the child.)”

Photo: Fame/Flynet