Kim Kardashian Posted Something Stupid About Manchester While Kendall Jenner Showered Like A Flamingo

We learn something useless new about Kendall Jenner on a daily basis. Today’s fun fact comes from the South of France, where it seems like Kendall, her sister, and her manslave named Younes have been spending most of the Cannes film festival in a pool or on a boat. Movies are boring anyway. Turns out she also showers like she’s about to pull a novice ballet move and I’m sure her manslave finds that very endearing.

Kendall’s been quiet on social media since hitting the Riviera, but leave it to her assqueen sister to turn the Manchester attack into something about her by posting this picture of fans taking pictures of her and Ariana Grande (who is blocked out by Kim’s face).

Nothing wrong with sharing condolences, but Kim could have put a picture of her ass with a “never forget” bow over it and it would have probably landed better than this candid of her pretending like she didn’t know a camera was there.