Kim Kardashian Photoshops Her Head And Neck Fat

It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian Photoshops the shit out of her social media pics, but sometimes it’s fun to catch her in the act. Which is what happened earlier this week when she accidentally posted an unretouched photo to Instagram before quickly taking it down and replacing it with the edited version (above). Except not quick enough for the Internet, who caught the original photo and turned it into this handy GIF that might as well have the words “Kim Kardashian Obsesses Over Head Fat” written on it and shouldn’t surprise anyone because we’re dealing with a woman who waxed an infant’s unibrow, so there’s a childhood that should go well.

“Mom, do these shoes make my index finger look fat?”
“Ohmygod, yes! Ew, ew! Go to your room and never come out!”

kim kardashian photoshop chin fat

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Photo: Instagram/Facebook