I Think Kim Kardashian Wants To Show Us Something

After almost a decade of writing The Superficial, it still amazes me when I have to explain to people why we post about Kim Kardashian and the ass-cottage industry her sex tape built for anyone who fell out of the same vagina as her. Not to mention, the owner of that vagina now rules from a Throne in Hell.

Anyway, the answer is simple: Clicks. You people click the hell out of these idiots. Mostly because they’re consistently doing things with their ass and boob parts, and it’s literally to the point where one of those things is going to be the next president. We’re already 75% of the way there.

“So who are you for voting for?”
“Well, I like Elizabeth Warren’s economic experience, but Kylie Jenner’s areola is part of her nipple. So how do you even choose, right?”
“You voted for the areola, didn’t you?”
“Twice. I made a fake ID and everything.”

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