The Battle Between Kim Kardashian’s Nipples And Flash Photography Wages On

I just red a recent Buzzfeed post called “41 Reasons Why Kim Kardashian is Famous Since No One Seems to Know” and it’s a miracle I’m able to type this through the tick layer of puke that now sits on my keyboard. It’s basically a massive circle jerk about how hard Kim Kardashian works, how much money she makes, how she empowers women despite photoshopping her body in photos to perpetuate body issues in young women, etc. — Let’s just say it didn’t quite win me over.

Anyway, here we have the highest paid woman in reality TV walking into yet another premeditated paparazzi appearance wearing a sheer top without a bra. She must have it set up so that she makes 50k every time her nipples show up at some new boutique. Maybe I’m just spinning the hamster wheel by posting this, but goddamn the clicks are good. Speaking of clicks, let’s ice off this SEO nip-fest with some more Kim Kardashian nipple photos. Click it. It pays for my Fresca.