Kim Kardashian: ‘My Entire Body is Hairless’

August 17th, 2010 // 133 Comments

Kim Kardashian appears in the September issue of Allure where she reveals she’s entirely hairless – entirely – and inadvertently admits to making a sex tape just to get her own reality show:

On her ass being the smoothest mountain in North American:
“I am Armenian, so of course I am obsessed with laser hair removal! Arms, bikini, legs, underarms…my entire body is hairless.”

On her willingness to do whatever it takes to be on TV:
“In elementary school, The Real World came on, and I was like, That’s it! I know I want to be on a reality show. And I was like, OK, when I’m old enough, I will make an audition tape.

On pretending her sex tape wasn’t the “audition tape” mentioned above:
“It was humiliating. But now let’s move on. Not that I don’t think it’s [no one's] business, but I think I’ve done a good job of replacing negative things with positive things. Doing a show with my entire family, I think people got to see the real me.”

Up until this point, I would’ve assumed only Tila Tequila had the balls to turn around and say, “Now you get to see the real me,” after telling a blatant lie about leaking her own sex tape, so kudos to Kim Kardashian for finally crossing that threshold where reality no longer exists and you believe just saying something makes it true. On that note, is she still trying to be a recording artist? Because I hear the Juggalos have this amazing venue for new artists. I’d be happy to make some calls.

Photos: Allure


  1. The girl with the rough tattoo

    I’d love to see a reasonably hairy Kim….Not much, you know. Some fuzz on the small of the back, tiny on the arms, curly petite ones between crack…And Im not even into hairs. That much!

  2. I’m trying to imagine what it’s like to full-body-wax a Sasquatch. I hope she’s a big tipper.

  3. Mel Gibson's Shrink

    That is SUCH boloney! First off, no one who has eyebrows that thick and dark has a hairless body. Secondly, she is Armenian, which by default precludes her from bein hairless. Those chicks have mustaches thicker than a Mexican fire marshal. So, yeah, Kim, laser hair removal is your best friend.

    • Kris Angel Douche Bag

      I think she is saying that she IS hairy, because she is Armenian–and that’s why she gets all the hair removed with lasers.

      I don’t know why she would say that though. Who wants to breed with a girl that will produce hairy offspring.

  4. dudette234

    she’s drop-dead gorgeous. if you’re born hairless, then good for you – don’t go around whining anytime other people shave their legs. if you’re not born hairless, you can’t be blamed for trying to remove it.

  5. What an idiot

    Someone needs to shut this legspread slutty human toilet seat up. She’s a whore; pretending to be “nice” doesn’t change the fact that she’s self centered, self important, arrogant, snotty and a whore. Let’s stop talking about her; she’ll die without attention. Let’s stop talking about her right now!

  6. M

    She kind of reminds me of Peg Bundy. I think it’s the big head and overly done look.

  7. Brooke

    Are these old photos? It looks like she’s 40 pounds lighter with her old (and much nicer looking) nose. I didn’t even recognize her. Her skin is really white in these, too. Someone out there is a Photoshop Master.

  8. Matt Damon

    The only hairless Armenian in all of Glendale. You heard it here first.

  9. Commando

    She’s starting to look old…………….

  10. Heidi Montag

    The whole family chipped in and purchased the laser from Goldfinger. Their power bill must be fucking huge every month.
    Don’t the neighbors complain about the stink of burning hair??

  11. Heidi Montag

    the chick is idian from idia, her dad is idian, idians are hairy. very hairy. check it out.

  12. Heidi Montag

    sorry forgot the “n” its indian from india

  13. captain america

    we won’t discuss her head.

  14. captain america

    ……………I got the message.

  15. captain america


  16. Shithead



  17. Gando

    Damn! She does age quick! I didn’t almost recognize her!

  18. Nero

    Maybe she’s hairless now (after spending a fortune) on the outside.But that doesn’t mean that the hair did stop growing.That does make her a ticking hair bomb!

  19. Rhialto

    Allright,so she does admit that being an Armenian is very similar to being very hairy?

  20. Darth

    Doesn’t she like to be the bearded woman? Think about all the attention she’ll get!

  21. confused ?

    Who is she ? and who are they? and what’s thier claim to fame ? ?

  22. wrangler003

    This fool get’s more ignorant by the second. I would kill myself before I would tweet pics of my breasts all day long, every day. Just show’s what trash she is. At least she thinks a lot of herself, everyone else see’s her as a fool with no talent and only claim to fame if her sex tapes. Trash trash trash. All this family is trash.

  23. Mark Harris

    TMI !!!!

  24. hahaha

    We have found the Yeti, hairless but a Yeti none the less…get the net Fred..

  25. Kim is an amazingly beautiful woman. It just cracks me up the comments that some people will make because they are jealous. Get over yourselves and leave Kim alone!

  26. LeDude
    Commented on this photo:

    No matter what is said about her being talentless, she is pretty.

  27. Fred-0

    I’m sorry, but I have problems equating beauty with a woman who became famous by letting a second-rate rapper pee on her.

    • absinthe


    • Tyrell

      lol not even second rate. In terms of popularity it would go:

      First rate: Eminem, Jay Z, Kanye, Snoop, 50 Cent…
      Second rate: Busta Rymes, DMX, Big Boi, Common…
      Third rate: Loon, Chingy, Rick Ross, Birdman/Baby…
      Fourth Rate: Ray J

  28. absinthe
    Commented on this photo:

    Everything about her just looks so fake and plastic. Not very attractive at all.

  29. Ian

    “second-rate rapper”

    Don’t you think you’re being just a little too charitable?

  30. Kim K.

    For those who didn’t quite understand what I meant by “My entire body is hairless” I meant that my vagina is bald. I shave downstairs. The whole shebang. Even the gooch.

  31. Eagle3
    Commented on this photo:

    Okay, I’ve read all of the e-mails and really don’t have an opinion on most of what I’ve seen thus far. All I know is that I find her very, very attractive, and that shall remain my opinion. There’s just something about her that I find cute and endearing, no matter what some of the haters say about her. For whatever reason I tend to believe that she’d actually be nice, and genuine in the process. I give her a thumbs up!

  32. TheCaptain
    Commented on this photo:

    How long has Daisy been on this site?
    Good to see you are still all about the never back down….
    Kim is pretty hot! I’d tap that

  33. davegrapes
    Commented on this photo:

    Why wasn’t the 2nd pic the main pic

  34. bobby2003

    It may be free from hair, but I suspect parts of it are not free from puss-filled blisters.

  35. mellow mellon
    Commented on this photo:

    that’s some very bad graphic design right there on that cover… :P

  36. Chuck

    Brown Trash

  37. Apostate

    I’d happily plow that hairless temple to hedonism-and it’ll be a lot better on camera than that snoozefest she released.

  38. Bored with life

    She’s a fat, no talented, whore.

  39. Janet

    There sure are a lot of haters leaving comments here. Most of you are rude and crude and do not know how to put a proper sentence together. Maybe if you worried a little more about your own lives and a lot less about whether some celebutant is hairy or has laser hair removal says a lot about you all. Also, most of your insults are ones that would come from a kindergarten playground, not funny and not very intelligent.

  40. David Bowie said all first in one his songs back in the 80′s “Fa fa fa Fashion”

  41. Sorry Mr. Bowie I left out a Fa I think there are 4 Fa’s in piece!

  42. she looks pretty hot in these pics. I don’t understand how the paparazzi didn’t get pics out first, I think shes on a rooftop, no one got a shot from like 3 blocks away? the close of Kim looks great, although probably some photoshop.

    hollywood news

  43. tony

    It must suck for her that Kourtney is older than Kim, has had a baby and still has a much better figure and is prettier than Kim. Even her two litte sisters Kylie and Kendal have amazing slim figures, while Kim is dumpy and looks fake.

  44. Pat

    Physically she has the components of a beautiful woman. But the vacancy behind the eyes ruins it for me.

  45. Steelerchick

    She has to remove all hair from her body because otherwise she’d look like an ape!!! She looks like the hairy type

  46. KindOfBlue
    Commented on this photo:

    I’m getting Scarlett Johansson vibes from that first pic. Scary.

  47. Tasha
    Commented on this photo:

    Interesting is that her older sister Kloe is a cute one, her other sister, the one that had a baby, she’s the pretty one and as for Kim, she is the beautiful one. But they are all Unique.

  48. CantStandKrTrashians
    Commented on this photo:

    Honestly, judging by the amount of thick hair in her eyebrows and on her head; I highly doubt this broad is hairless!

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