No, Kim Kardashian, Don’t Tweet About The Muslim Ban, Ah, Dammit

The fight against Donald Trump’s Muslim ban has been going pretty great. For a second weekend in a row, the American people came out in droves to say, “NOPE,” and he got his cock stomped in by the Constitution. On top of that, actual talented people like Julia Louis Dreyfus, Mahershala Ali, and Chief Hopper from Stranger Things basically used the entire SAG Awards to tell Trump to fuck the hell off. (In an even more compelling argument, Ashton Kutcher reminded America that Mila Kunis is a refugee. And I can’t believe I’m saying this, but guys, let’s hear Ashton Kutcher out.) So basically the fight on the Muslim ban is covered, and the last thing it needs is someone coming in and Madonna-ing the place up.


Granted, you could say that Kim Kardashian is genuinely trying to help, and we should encourage her to take time away from staging bikini photos for the paparazzi to make the world a better place through facts and knowledge. However, you could also say that Kourtney and Kylie have been pulling ahead of Kim in search results. Which is exactly what I am saying along with, “Hey, lady, remember when this happened?”

kanye west donald trump

That’s your husband going, “Ah, he’s not so bad,” about a man who tried to bring back Nazi Germany less than eight days into office. The father of your children going, “Nah, Trump’s DOPE.” I understand your mom made him do it, but I’m not seeing her severed demon head in your hand as you proclaim the world to finally be free from evil, so maybe go back to oiling butt mountain. We got this.

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