Kim Kardashian Doesn’t Have Time For Beyonce

August 27th, 2014 // 21 Comments

We already know Kim Kardashian checked her phone during the Ferguson moment of silence at the VMAs and now comes word that she bailed before Beyonce‘s acceptance speech which, judging by the Internet’s reaction to Beyonce’s performance, practically makes Kim Hitler now. Assy Hitler. Hollywood Life reports:

An eyewitness source who attended the VMAs tells EXCLUSIVELY, “I saw them leave before Beyonce started her speech. They were checked out for the whole show. They left right before she talked and Jay Z arrived to give her the award.”

According to Celebuzz, apparently Kim is so over Beyonce now because she bailed on her wedding and doesn’t think Jay Z‘s worthy to be friends with Kanye. Which is odd considering Kim’s done everything in her power just to sniff Beyonce’s hair and even made it into a blurry concert pic with her. So to give up now when she’s so close to locking her in an old refrigerator and drinking her blood (Can you tell I’ve been watching Luther?) just reinforces what I’ve always said about the Kardashians: Let me know when Kylie’s 18. They’re lazy. Pure lazy.

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  1. JC

    I’m torn: I find the reverence afforded to Beyonce to be tedious and stupid, so I kind of like that Kim K is over her. On the other hand…Kardashian.

    So, does anyone know how much weight an average shower curtain rod can hold? I don’t wand to start to hang myself just to have the damn thing break.

  2. Wait…so Kim was mad at Beyonce first, but now….

    ….you know what? Fuck it.

  3. Walter Peck

    I applaud Kim for walking out on Beyonce. As a true feminist, Kim was protesting Beyonce’s hypocritical claim to be a champion of the female cause due to her staying married to a known adulterer. Bravo Kim, bravo.

    Aw, who am I kidding, she was jerking off some black athletes behind a dumpster.

  4. Beyonce VMAs
    Commented on this photo:

    There she sits, surrounded by the ghosts of the women Jay-Z banged.

  5. dontkillthemessenger

    Beyonce is a clown too. She just has the good sense not to have throw pillows stuffed into her asscheeks.

  6. The only way this can be settled is 2Pac/Biggie style, except this time I hope Puff Daddy dies too.

  7. Kim doesn’t have time for Beyoncé, and Beyoncé says Thank You God!

  8. If you scroll back down you’ll see pictures of Anais Zanotti in a bikini. Just saying.

  9. Reading about the feud between these two has left me with only one burning question that’s nagging at me like my smoke detector with a dying battery until if finally died…how is “Luther”? I’d watch anything with Idris Elba, but haven’t gotten to Luther yet.

  10. The only takeaway worth mentioning from this whole post:

    “Luther” is a seriously awesome show.

  11. Hmm

    Kim is not over her, Kim is mad and humiliated that Beyonce and Jay Z did not attend her wedding. Not really the same thing. If Beyonce called her and invited her to lunch she would trot those short little fat legs of her so fast over to her house it would make your head spin.

  12. Fuck the both of them.

  13. Brooks

    They were there because the cameras were there. Not anything else.

  14. aww, Fatzilla and RuPaul are fighting?

  15. Oh she’s Team Jay-Z. He’s her upgrade path, like Kanye was when she was married to Kris Humphries. Can’t you hear her? “I left the VMAs early for *you*, baby!”

  16. Beyonce VMAs
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  17. One gets pissed off, the other gets pissed on.

    And that there is the major difference between the two of them.

  18. right

    All four of these people are self absorbed ass-clowns.

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