Kim Kardashian is Kanye’s ‘Beyonce’

So welcome to the exact moment Jay-Z shoots Kanye West in the goddamn face though it might not be a bad idea if we all think happy thoughts while clapping our hands: Carrying Peter Dinklage in a baby Bjorn! Via Us Weekly:

A pal tells the new Us Weekly, out now, that Jay-Z’s close friend and collaborator West, 34, has fallen “genuinely head over heels” for Kardashian, 31, with whom he was photographed gallivanting around NYC late last week.
“It’s not a PR stunt,” the source insists of the rapper and reality star. “They’re perfect for each other. He thinks she’s his Beyonce!

Just to put things in perspective, Kanye West could strip Beyonce of her right to vote, ban her from dining in the same restaurants than white woman, literally sell her as property to a rich landowner and it still wouldn’t hold a fucking candle to being compared to Kim Kardashian. Seriously, he might as well have yelled, “Yo, this baby’s fake, son!” and punted Blue Ivy out a window. Rap music used to be about murdering people is all I’m trying to say here, Hov’. Can I call you Hov’?

Photos: Splash News, WENN