Kim Kardashian & Justin Bieber Go On Dates. Okay…

July 13th, 2010 // 66 Comments

While the world’s still debating the legality of 1/25ths of Miley Cyrus’ labia, Kim Kardsahian has apparently been going for ice cream with 16-year-old Justin Bieber despite the fact she turns 30 in October. And let’s hope to God she’s at least jerking him off. No, really, the last thing we need is a kid with enough money to buy uranium getting blue balls from a famewhore Armenian. They’re probably holding security briefings at the Pentagon about this as we speak.

OBAMA: Just give it to me straight, gentlemen.
GENERAL: Mr. President, we believe Ms. Kardashian is using the subject for strictly promotional purposes.
OBAMA: And how’s he reacted?
GENERAL: Last Thursday he dry-humped a pillow after she called then asked his mom how much the Dallas Cowboys cost so he can bench Miles Austin all season.
OBAMA: Jesus…

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  1. Kim just wants to know what a little dick feels like.

  2. Deacon Jones

    I’ll start going to chur…fuck that, I’ll start going on missionaries for years at a time in Africa if they convict her of child molestation and she spends the next 20 years eating some black chicks hairy gunt in federal.

  3. Kyle

    True, Kim is a famewhore, but so is Justin. Maybe they’re both using each other…

  4. Kim and Bieber should double date with John Stamos and his 17 year old bang-buddy.

  5. Randall


    I understand you’ve been hurt by large black men in the past, but please don’t turn your back on all men in general. Yes, this girl is pretty and white, but she’s very, very young and this could lead to something very embarassing for you and your family to deal… what?

    Justine Bieber is… Justin?! A BOY?!? Holy shit!!!

    Um, as I was saying, this girl… BOY!!! This BOY is very young and may not be just confused that he’s a lesbian… I mean STRAIGHT! Yes! He’s confused about being… Oh never mind…

  6. Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber
    Commented on this photo:

    KIM K: well at least this one didn’t pee on me. Well ok he wet the bed once, but he didn’t pee on me.

  7. Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber
    Commented on this photo:

    How long do you think it takes him to run home and jerk off his little weiner to her sex tape after their “dates?”

  8. Richard McBeef

    5 bucks says Beiber pissed on/in her.

  9. Cardinal Fang

    They could show each other their biebers! Chances are Justine…I mean Justin has one.

  10. Kim K.

    “So, Justin, I hear you have a big…bladder.”

  11. Ted

    Before waxing, Kim combs her ass hair forward just like Bieber’s.

  12. Jackspratling

    Oh come on, everyone knows they’re comparing notes on performing fellatio… allegedly.

    I actually have to give Randall (or more likely, fake-Randall) props for Justine and Kim’s lesbian affair, … wait, what? I mean Jessica, no, Justi– you know what I mean.

  13. Cock Dr

    Is it wrong of me to hope that in private he tells her to get down on her knees & start auditioning for a slot as background singer on the new album?
    Teenaged boys have a lot of energy. Justin here might have the goods to wear that ass down & out.
    Remember condoms can save lives & bank accounts.

  14. DumDum

    Bieber & beaver (/cunt/hairy whore/slut).

  15. meowmix

    Kim enjoys his dry orgasm!

  16. Nero

    He could start with taking her missionary first.I’m afraid that he’d need to have more experience for taking her doggie.

  17. Turd Ferguson

    Way to keep yourself in the spotlight Kim.
    Fame whore.

  18. Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber
    Black Panther
    Commented on this photo:

    What the fuck is that crackah-ass crackah doin’ wit dat pissed-on ol’ ho?? Shoot – his whole head is smaller than half that bitch’s ass!

  19. Rush

    justin bieber looks like my best friend from high school, who was a guy, not gay, and got ZERO chicks. somehow, that look is all ‘in’ now. he still scores college chicks at college parties, even though he’s no longer in college.

    The American male has been so feminized now even the hottest chicks go for them, or in Kim Kardashian’s case, a pack of… oh, nevermind.

  20. Black Panther

    What the fuck is that crackah-ass crackah doin’ wit dat pissed-on ol’ ho?? Shoot – his whole head is smaller than half that bitch’s ass!

  21. misterfister

    He’s not black so she’s not interested.

  22. RoboZombie

    I’m dry humping my monitor right now!

  23. McFeely Smackup

    this is right fucked up.

    Now we all know Kim and Justin are hanging out to sponge off of each others current market appeal, but let’s look at this seriously. She is 30 years old, he is 16. Reverse things and put a 30 year old guy with a 16 year old female singer having icecream, and suddenly the guys career is OVER for being a fucking pedophile.

    I’m getting a little sick of adult women drooling over teenage boys (Bieber, Twilight movies, etc) and everyone thinks it’s cute, but we’d never accept it if the sexes were reversed.

    • Jen

      is that b/c women reject you?

      • Anon

        It’s because it’s a double standard.

        And twilight and this girl suck. Explains why sexually dysfunction women go for them.

    • True !! If that was Derek Jeter sitting with a 16 year old girl he’d be a child molester but because she’s not the one who has the penetrating organ, it’s all ok. It’s a bullshit double standard that many men have gone to jail for. And what the fuck does women rejecting a man have to do with that ? I think you’re the one with the anger issues on this page Jen.

    • Imma Ferrari

      I guarantee she’s banging him. Exact same thing happened to me when i was 14, but the girl was fat, and not wealthy.

  24. Justin B.

    “Mom! It was hot in the sun and when she started sweating it smelled like a wet Armenian rug!”

  25. RoboZombie

    Justin B. | July 13, 2010 at 5:17 pm

    “Mom! It was hot in the sun and when she started sweating it smelled like a wet Armenian GOAT!”

    Fixed that for ya!

  26. to sir, with ROUGH!

    I promise to buy anything Kim has to hawk, if she take the bibz to visit Lindsay in prison, while his shirt inside out….

  27. K

    It’s probably just to get press. So..looks like that one worked.

  28. paco

    she offer him to change his diapers.

  29. Lisa Beth

    They’re, like, soulmates and stuff. Check out the deep conversations they’re acting out. I bet Kim thinks he’s a genius.

  30. Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber
    Commented on this photo:

    Wow..She makes me sick. Whore.

  31. Danklin

    In this pic, Justin is in the middle of explaining to Kim how he defeated level 10 of WOW, got a new Spiderman poster, went to bed and had a wet dream about her, then got yelled at for wetting the bed for yet a 5th time this week.

  32. Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber
    Commented on this photo:

    i love how horrifically inappropriate she displays her tits to this little kid. It’s a wonder all the pictures of his eyes are showing him looking at her face.

  33. vansci123

    got a new Spiderman poster
    puma store

  34. captain america

    looking SESAMY STREET with your girl is funnier!!

  35. katie

    kim is a famewhore who will go wherever the camera are. it’s pathetic.

  36. Felix the Cat

    Bieber is a lucky young man. I was well into my 20s before I got to experience anal sex.

  37. Kkaz

    Kardashian is spelled wrong once in this article/ Go me!

  38. Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber
    Commented on this photo:

    that sucks

  39. Coel

    Ha. The article is much funnier with the Shaved Bieber extension. It could be anyone!

  40. Cardinal Fang

    Us guys: Hate him because he’ll have more quality pussy thrown at him in one year than we’ll have in a lifetime.

    You girls: Hate him cuz deep down you’re drawn to fame and fortune and young “talented” dudes. It’s in your genes.

  41. Leila

    Kim has a gorgeous face and shapely body. She never had plastic surgery on her face and her butt, maybe just her boobs. Her face is naturally beautiful and many appealing faces in middle-east are look like to hers. I’m pretty sure she has a natural butt which is not even perfect without clothes. If u guys notice middle-eastern girl’s body shape, you would know that lots of them have natural big butts and that’s not weird at all.
    Although she made terrible mistake which could totally destroy her life, but god helped her to start new life. She’s a lucky girl having good work and intimate family which support her.
    Kim is not my roll-model, yet I like her and I think she’s lovable. Stop treating like an enemy to her! Hope she would keep up her good work and wish her good luck and happiness.

  42. Demaria

    Justin is not gay your just mad cause you aint him yeah i said that everyone that says he is gay is just sad cause you arre not him so leave him alone

    • cc

      They are mad because they know he could have 3 threesomes a day for the next 10 years (all with knockout chicks) if felt like it and buy a fleet of exotic cars to get around in.

  43. cc

    Kim was running out of ideas to get in the spotlight, so she figured she’d try this. She’s probably weighing her options ‘Hmmm, if I fuck him and tell a tabloid, would that benefit me in some way?’ I mean, seriously, I’d bet a grand she’d fuck him.

  44. Dr Johnson

    I suspect Cock Dr is some sort of child molester. Hopefully someone got your IP address. Perv.

  45. Chris

    Kim is a beautiful lady who isn’t very bright….Which is PERFECT for a hormonal teenager to take advantage of. She’s already stated that she’s found him attractive. If anything sexual happens between them, she’ll take the heat. It’s a win-win for Justin. However, if he’s of respectable intelligence, he’ll see past her Barbie-doll looks and find a real woman.

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