Kim Kardashian Is On A ‘Media Lockdown’

Seen here pretending she didn’t tip off the paparazzi so she can pretend she doesn’t want to her picture taken, Kim Kardashian has apparently been placed on a “media lockdown” by Kris Jenner who honestly believes limiting Kim’s exposure will make people love her again and be excited for the next season of Kim & Kourtney Take New York. Sadly, she’s probably right because we live in a piss-shit world obsessed with piss-shit people who are only famous for being pissed/shit on. RadarOnline reports:

“They did not anticipate the extreme backlash and the damage it would cause to the K-brand as a whole. The whole empire has been affected by this dumb marriage and Kris Jenner is all about getting paid,” a source close to the family told
Kim’s public appearances have been strictly limited by her mom-ager since she filed for divorce on October 31 after 72 days of marriage to Kris Humphries and hastily returned from an Australian promotional tour.
“Kim and her sisters are the puppets. Kris is the puppeteer,” the source said about the family dynamics.
Another source told that Kris has told Kim that she doesn’t want her to do anything in public or any interviews until their reality show launches next week.
“Kris wants to make sure that the ratings are huge for their show and she knows that if Kim stays under the radar until that airs again they’ll get the maximum publicity out of her situation.”

“They did not anticipate the extreme backlash,” is probably the most genuine statement I’ve ever heard come out of the Kardashian camp because I seriously believe they thought they could get away with Kim getting a divorce barely two months after the most hyped-up wedding since Prince What’s-His-Face married that chick with the hot ass’s sister. And in all actuality, the Kardashians probably are going to get away with it because as long as their show emits bright lights, their audience will watch it. They could do an entire episode of nothing but Khloe trying to pick up a can of tuna with her paws, and their fans would light the canned food industry on fucking fire until they agree to make bear-claw-friendly tuna cans. At this point, we’re just teetering over the edge of America dividing itself into Beliebers and Golden Shower Whorebeasts Lovers followed by a brutal civil war that ends with the Twi-hards setting up a parliamentary government from the wreckage. There’s literally no other outcome.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin, Pacific Coast News, WENN