Kim Kardashian is Naked Again

October 11th, 2010 // 117 Comments

Kim Kardashian threw a hissy fit just last month over Playboy releasing flatteringly airbrushed outtakes from her 2007 shoot because she supposedly regretted posing nude. Except, wait, what’s this? Here she is on the November 2010 cover of W entirely naked again. Did she have a change of heart? Find Jesus through the miracle of ICP lyrics? Or simply realize nipples are currency in the world of reality television and now she can buy that new panini maker she wanted? It’s probably that last one.

NOTE: Full size versions are NSFW, and here’s an epic shot of Kim’s butt in the wild for the sake of scope and comparison. (Page view? What’s a page view?)

Photos: W


  1. Kim Kardashian Nude in W Magazine
    Commented on this photo:

    I like a big ass, but that’s just fucking weird-looking and nasty….sorry…

  2. Kim Kardashian Nude in W Magazine
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    those tits are AMAZING!!!

  3. Kim Kardashian Nude in W Magazine
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    Why did they make ass skin look like the texture of a basketball?

  4. Kim Kardashian Nude in W Magazine
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    Nice body, shame about her ass.

  5. isitin

    Nice body, shame about her ass.

  6. Pinko

    SKANK! famewhore, thats all, no talent, ugly, but a big ass only black guys can touch

    • Desmond Morris

      Yes, many black males “like big butts” as the African American entertainer Anthony Ray aka Sir-Mix-a-Lot sings in his 1992 hit song “Baby Got Back.” The reason many black males find “big butts” appealing goes back to when African warriors found that they could stand on the shelf-like butts of some female members of their tribe, and thus spot enemies at a greater distance than they otherwise could, giving them extra time to prepare for battle. Thus, enormously large female posteriors like Miss Kardashian’s may represent an unconscious evolutionary advantage to males of African heritage.

      • Kent

        I would get all over that ass and I’m a white motherfucker. I get sprung when a girl walks in with an ittie-bittie waist and a round thing in my face.

      • Johnny Cage

        On the contrary Hispanics and Caucasian men like the big ass thing too. My favorites are Brazilians and Puerto Ricans, but that’s not leaving out some Southern girls as well.

        I’m not into ghetto black girls at all however, as their attitudes are really really really shitty along with everything else about them. If you think the attitudes of girls like Kardashian, Lohan, or Alba are bad, then come visit the inner cities of Detroit, Compton, Philly, or Camden NJ. There you’ll find some really crappy women I guarantee it. Out here I see nothing but “baby mommas” with children from 5 other guys, crack whores, hideously ugly round fatties, masculine acting musty bitches, and all the rest of the freak show that we call the urban jungle.

        I’ll most likely get flamed by a bunch of naive white guys named Brandon for this rant, but it’s kind of like the Matrix. You’ll have to see it for yourself (just be sure to pack a gun with you).

    • Who new, turns out I’m black.

  7. Kim Kardashian Nude in W Magazine
    Commented on this photo:

    Blantant silicon implants (silicon implants have a more natural hang and don’t look like bolt ons. However, the implant is still obvious in these photos). Also she has clearly had fat sucked out of her fat lazy body and injected into the ass — hence the lumpiness and odd texture. But what would you expect from the cum rag of a 3rd rate rapper? Honesty? LOL.

    • Sian

      She might have breast and butt implants, I have no idea, but the fact that her ass is hardly lumpy in these pics only proves that the pics are photoshopped (as most images in magazines are, they photoshop over the tiniest of flaws and on skinny women as well). Yes, her ass is huge, but lumpy? Definitely not in these pics and most women’s asses are slightly lumpy, at least up close, it’s fat and muscle covered by tissue that’s more flexible than mens’. Hence the ugly truth that even very thin women can have cellulite.

    • lol


  8. Kim Kardashian Nude in W Magazine
    Commented on this photo:

    Gota love how no one even cares what nice fuckin tits she has too! Some bigass nips on em joints too :-) mmm mmm mmmmmm

    • Lolo

      unfortunately they are teeny tiny. i was hopin they would be big and soft too, but they’re small and pink. check out her playboy pics… those show full nipple

  9. Kim Kardashian Nude in W Magazine
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    is it just me? or does she have HUGE pancake nips? jesus.

  10. Kim Kardashian Nude in W Magazine
    Your Mama
    Commented on this photo:

    Looks like two messed up, huge, giant ass, pimply, pitted, overripe, fermented grapefuits.

  11. Kim Kardashian Nude in W Magazine
    Commented on this photo:

    It looks like they photoshopped her nipple in the first picture and made it higher than it actually is. I’m 95% sure her nipple is 2 inches lower on her tit in real life.

    • e-rock

      Her nipples are high like that because they are implants. Just like her weird ass. And its worse that she denies it. She should just admit it like Carmen Electra and Jenny McCarthy did… I can’t stand this fake slut. bleh

  12. Kim Kardashian Nude in W Magazine
    Commented on this photo:

    How can anyone believe that that thing is real? Ass implants are the second most common plastic surgery in America (and probably the rest of the world). That’s a fake ass if I ever saw one. And no, I’m not some fat and/or jealous girl bitching at my computer. I would never wanna look like Kim. She screams fake inside and out.

  13. boOO

    what a fuc*** ugly ass

  14. Ash Bones

    I wouldn’t mind.. Call me kim.!!

  15. v

    My god she’s fat.

  16. Kim Kardashian Nude in W Magazine
    Activia and Human Centipede
    Commented on this photo:

    how big is her poop?????????

  17. Kim Kardashian Nude in W Magazine
    Activia and Human Centipede
    Commented on this photo:

    how big is her poop??????

  18. Kim Kardashian Nude in W Magazine
    Activia and Human Centipede
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    her turds must be like 30 pounds each

  19. Activia and Human Centipede

    how big is her poop????????

  20. Ash Bones

    I would have to change my pants and condom about 5 times while rubbing that silver body paint all over her..

  21. Kim Kardashian Nude in W Magazine
    Commented on this photo:

    You haven’t lived until you smashed something thick like that. skinny chicks cant hang with the big dick. Only dudes that don’t like thick asses like that are small dick du that can’t reach the bush from the back. Crush that ass

  22. Kim Kardashian Nude in W Magazine
    Commented on this photo:

    She can get it. I give her that thick nut. You know the one you bust when you really want to bang a bitch and not that watery one when you bang just to bang. Ya du who hatin on that thick ass need to bang more b4 u talk

  23. Kim Kardashian Nude in W Magazine
    Commented on this photo:

    Screw the famewhore angle here.

    The really exciting thing buried in plain sight in these pics is that some genius chemical engineer came up with a paint that would stick to lard!

    Just think…Designer Bacon!

  24. Kim Kardashian Nude in W Magazine
    Commented on this photo:

    that has got to be the biggest, longest goddamned ass-crack i’ve ever seen. check it out. its about a FOOT long. holy fucking christ.

    godDAMN godDAMN godDAMN…that’s totally fucking repulsive. fuck.

    i don’t like her anymore.

  25. Kim Kardashian fail her playboy pics on these pics. here are some more these issue pics here

  26. Ben Doverman

    What’s the point if she aint gonna spread them cheeks and cough for me.

  27. Kim Kardashian Nude in W Magazine
    Commented on this photo:

    she looks awful.

  28. You guys just be quiet let her do what she wants, and let her live her life, stop being such critics, seriously man, i LOVE you Kim Kardashian.

    • Billy Seatsniffer

      are you retarded? let her live her life? Her fucking life is ON TELEVISION. People watching and talking about her is the only goddamn thing she has to offer society, but you think people should leave her alone?

      I WISH we would all leave her alone to slide into bankrupt poverty.

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  30. ricor

    She’s an overweight pig and the fact that any of you have fallen for her marketing of herself, as nothing, is a joke. Wake up you idiots.

    • LOLA

      she is not owerweight at all! u dont see that people have different type of bodies… LOSER

    • scott

      I’ve seen her in person (passing by in a mall), she’s mostly a little thing. outside of her oversized ass and breasts (which I see as positives). She looked good and fit a few months ago I doubt much has changed

  31. She definitely had ass implants. There is no doubt in my mind. Google pics from before she had the implants. She had a cute butt, but it wasn’t a fake and huge like Cocos.

    • The petulant one

      Fuck you. What other response can there be to another ignorant pissant stating for the billionth time, as if they know, that that KK has “ass implants.” Get a brain implant and we’ll talk.

      • Jessesgirl

        Hate to piss on your parade but Kim’s ass is as fake as Micheal Jackson’s nose. Google pics of pre sex tape Kimmy – her ass was almost as flat as my British one. She was so desperate to be famous, and a huge butt is the only way she had of getting people to notice her. A real huge ass would also come with a huge fupa and huge saddlebags. It would not look that high and round.

      • The petulant one

        Piss away, Jessesgirl; I don’t mind. You know I wish that I had Jesse’s Girl. But I digress. But enough of my classic standup and back to the subject at hand, which is Kim Kardashian’s massive be-hind. I actually DID google her and found no pics of her with a small ass, either pre- or post-sex tape. That’s not counting pictures of her when she was a child. An interesting thing you might not know: people change over time, and not just as the result of surgery. I’m blessed to be married to a gorgous woman who’s lovely ass has grown in size in the 18 years we’ve been together. She looks better than ever and guess what? She doesn’t have butt implants. Now let’s be friends.

    • anonymous

      I don’t think her ass is fake. It’s just gotten bigger.

      Her cheeks and tits are fake though. Her tits have managed to grow bigger in the last 4 years and her cheeks have been altered along with her chin, lips and eyes.

      • Jessesgirl

        @The petulant one – I’m 99.99% sure your wife is just plain FAT and her ass is just huge, wide and sloppy, nothing like Kim’s. Kim is THIN apart from a huge square bubble butt that looks as if it’s suspended in space. Heidi Montag has assplants and they look exactly the same, but not quite so ridiculously huge.

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  33. Kim Kardashian Nude in W Magazine
    Commented on this photo:

    She has nipples like a woman that has had about 4 kids. Huge over sized bad looking nipples. These whores have surgery constantly but they have not figured out huge nipples look horrible. Simply amazing someone could be this delusional. She looks like shit.

    • Cock Dr

      Some people’s opinion on Ms. K’s nipples must be decidedly different……the endorsements & money just keeps rolling into the Kardashian coffers.
      One person’s “shit” must be another person’s diamonds.

  34. Kim Kardashian Nude in W Magazine
    Commented on this photo:

    That is alot of cow!

  35. Kim Kardashian Nude in W Magazine
    honest abe
    Commented on this photo:

    Are all of you guys homo’s?!?!? Perfect playmate in my eyes! Put her knees up to her chest & make those boobies bounce! Hell Yes!!

  36. Kim Kardashian Nude in W Magazine
    Sara Fer.
    Commented on this photo:

    I just suggest one thing: the use of a GPS to whoever goes in there. Or else he won’t find his way out. Just saying..

  37. Kim Kardashian Nude in W Magazine
    Commented on this photo:

    that ass looks better in tight sweater dresses that she wears. To see it up close and personal…it’s just circus freak show. And bags of cottage cheese (before photoshop)

  38. Kim Kardashian Nude in W Magazine
    Commented on this photo:

    i would suck a fart out of her butt!!

  39. Kim Kardashian Nude in W Magazine
    Commented on this photo:

    i would suck a fart out of her butt!!!

  40. Kim Kardashian Nude in W Magazine
    Commented on this photo:

    Is one of her nipples bigger than the other?

  41. she's a disgusting pig

    everyone knows she’s a useless whore. why does the media keep trying to convince us she’s anything else?

  42. Dr. Ima Gagginonit

    I wish people would stop making fun of her, elephantiasis is not something to laugh about. The swelling in Kim’s buttocks is caused by worms and can be treated with diethylcarbamazine, but Kim doesn’t seem to realize that the elephantine enlargement of her buttocks is a symptom of elephantiasis.

  43. Kim Kardashian Nude in W Magazine
    Smokin hot
    Commented on this photo:

    She is so smoking hot and there is not one dude on here (hetero that is) who wouldn’t absolutely jump at the chance to get a sweet piece of that. Big ass? Sure. But you can’t tell me that jumping in the sack with her would not fun.

  44. her farts must vibrate for days

  45. Kent

    Thanks The Superficial! I’ve always wanted to know how she shaped up without the clothes and I must say, “IS NICE!” You’ve made my day.

  46. Walter Sobchak

    That silver paint makes her look like she’s about to fart nickels. Either way, I’d rub my face in that ass until I came out looking like the Tinman.

  47. Kim Kardashian Nude in W Magazine
    Commented on this photo:

    I’ve banged and been banged by lots of big butt babes. They fuck like champs. Fame whore? Sure. Dirty whore? Gawd I hope so!

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