Kim Kardashian Is Helping Rob Cheat On ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Last night during voting for Dancing With The Stars, Kim Kardashian posted the above tweet claiming Justin Bieber was taking calls for an hour. Except the number really wasn’t Bieber’s, but instead the number to vote for her brother Rob to keep him on the show. With over 10 million Twitter followers, the tweet was retweeted – I hate everything I just typed just then. – thousands of times, so God knows how many people believed it. Then again, they follow Kim Kardsahian on Twitter, so I’m going to say every single one of them plus their mom who hates computers. She later claimed she was joking, but taking into consideration the epic moron overlap of Kim and DWTS fans, who can tell how much damage was done? More importantly, she also squeezed her ass into leather pants to attend the taping of the show, so on top of defrauding a once-proud establishment before Chaz Bono’s freakishly flat man-boobs used it to kill America, she put people’s lives at risk. I’m no physicist, but if just one seam popped, it’d be the the equivalent of a hydrogen bomb escaping through a pinhole. I’ve crunched the numbers/read Khloe’s diary. (Wookiees are incredible engineers.)

Photos: Splash News