Kim Kardashian Is Helping Rob Cheat On ‘Dancing With The Stars’

October 25th, 2011 // 110 Comments

Last night during voting for Dancing With The Stars, Kim Kardashian posted the above tweet claiming Justin Bieber was taking calls for an hour. Except the number really wasn’t Bieber’s, but instead the number to vote for her brother Rob to keep him on the show. With over 10 million Twitter followers, the tweet was retweeted – I hate everything I just typed just then. – thousands of times, so God knows how many people believed it. Then again, they follow Kim Kardsahian on Twitter, so I’m going to say every single one of them plus their mom who hates computers. She later claimed she was joking, but taking into consideration the epic moron overlap of Kim and DWTS fans, who can tell how much damage was done? More importantly, she also squeezed her ass into leather pants to attend the taping of the show, so on top of defrauding a once-proud establishment before Chaz Bono’s freakishly flat man-boobs used it to kill America, she put people’s lives at risk. I’m no physicist, but if just one seam popped, it’d be the the equivalent of a hydrogen bomb escaping through a pinhole. I’ve crunched the numbers/read Khloe’s diary. (Wookiees are incredible engineers.)

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  1. Kim Kardashian Cheating DWTS Rob Kardashian
    Ask Jeeves
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    I will NEVER understand how someone like her, with zero talent or credentials of a “star” has ever become a “star”. Just because of s sex tape?? I think she is very pretty girl but she has made untold millions for absolutely nothing really. Butt, good for her I guess.

  2. Canada Guy

    I think there should be a disqualification on the grounds of tampering.

    • Scott

      It’s Dancing with the Stars, not the Presidential Election. Besides, how is that tampering?

      • CranAppleSnapple

        Are you slow? A bunch of morons called to talk to the MapleChrist, they had no interest in that godawful dance competition, and the greasy asshole’s vote tally went up. Unfairly.

  3. Cock of the..

    I called 5 times,,, he never answered.

  4. Kim Kardashian Cheating DWTS Rob Kardashian
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    who’s more pathetic? her or the dude with pink bow tie?

  5. Clarence Beeks

    Can I kick her in the plastic face please? And yes, he should be disqualified for this.

    • I don’t condone violence on women however this one definitely needs a Michael Lohan kick in the vagina!

    • Mike

      It’s horrible to think but this might affect the integrity of the show.

    • cc

      Wanting to hit Kim K has nothing to do with misogyny.

    • Gypsy

      She does need a hard steel toed motorcycle boots kick to the TWAT!!!! What a fkn loser…..if he cant get votes the right way, he obviously sucks, which he kinda does, Cheryl totally makes their dance everyweek. He needs to goooooo, but because he’s a KK I think they have him around for longer and the votes come from all the whores begging their fans to vote for him. He doesnt deserve to be disqualified, but those votes totally need to be disqualified for that hour or whatever amount of time. Or drop him down the leder board and lets see what he does next week. UGGHHH Im sooo over this shit. The Karcashemins and all this horrible dancing.

    • ing

      what about cheryl and rob? they didn’t do anything, it was kim! besides, chaz would have gone home anyway, it was his turn…

  6. Kim Kardashian Cheating DWTS Rob Kardashian
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    How many bovines had to die to make those pants. it must have been like Cowmageddon. No, wait, Cowschwitz. No wait, the apocowlypse.

  7. idiots

    yes, justin bieber has an 800 number as his personal number. if idiots fell for that…well, i guess i shouldn’t overestimate americans given they like sarah palin too.

    • Yep, crazy world we live in when people like Palin and Obama.

      • De Vo

        People [Aka the maple lovers] probably thought it was some type of publicity stunt and the number was temporary. Made just for the stunt. Absolutely it’s dirty cheating and should be acknowledged. Get the chubby greaser off there.

  8. that guy

    Didn’t she call her brother a ‘loser’ and all that a few weeks back? This is perfect revenge, looks like she’s ‘helping’ but knows damn well it will get him disqualified. Bitch is a lard-ass genius.

  9. JC

    I don’t really care about Dancing With the Stars or whichever Kardashian whore-sibling is on it, but I would endorse/support/supply a hearty bitchslap for Kim anyway.

  10. Buddy the Elf

    Fat, orange, worthless fuck.

  11. One more comment; about a sub-story from a sister site; “Are The Kardashian Sisters Turning Baby Mason Into a Douchebag?” The entire family is a bunch of douchebags. How the hell did this kid even have a chance?

    • I actually thought “Kardashian”, “Baby Mason”, and “Douchebag” all in the same sentence was pretty much redundant. And I think what Kim did, while clever, is also pretty chickenshit. But I don’t really give even a single fuck. I’m just looking at it from the viewpoint of the other contestants.

  12. Slunts will be slunts.

  13. Kim Kardashian Cheating DWTS Rob Kardashian
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    It’s like Michael Jackson meets Star Wars meets Monte Cristo sandwich.

  14. Once you cross the line of becoming a total piece of human garbage, you might as well keep going until death stops you. If Obama can piss on our Constitution and become President with no ramifications, then Kim can get pissed on by a black dude and become rich and famous because their supporters are one in the same. After that whats a few hundred million dollars stolen from taxpayers to feed some friends participating in the green energy scam or a few hundred million votes for your asshole brother so he can win a contest filled with lesbians and transvestites. By November 2012, Obama will have Kim on speed dial as she will help him cheat to get the votes needed to stay President.

  15. J

    She’s just asking for it wearing tight leather pants. What the hell is she thinking? Tunics, Kim. TUNICS. I think she enjoys being called fat. Really.

  16. Kim Kardashian Cheating DWTS Rob Kardashian
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    She’ll be stable at high speeds, I’ll give her that much.

  17. Until this moment, I didn’t know Kim’s brother was on Dancing With The Stars…because I’m a guy…and I’m not gay.

    Also, I didn’t know Kim even had a brother…see reasons above.

    That being said, this is blatantly cheating in a contest…there’s no other way to look at it. He should be kicked off the show. and beaten. badly.

  18. Always nice

    She has a fat butt.

  19. stratacat

    i’m not gonna lie. this is kinda brilliant. seems like kris jenner’s work.

    • AngusParvo

      Agreed, unless her brain’s in her ass, no way Kim could’ve thought of something this clever. Still a dick move, but that’s the Kardashian Way.

  20. Kim Kardashian Cheating DWTS Rob Kardashian
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    Your pants are tight enough when you can see your thong through leather.

    • BSname

      Good eye. I was just noticing the stupidity of the elbow patches (as if this woman is going to wear this jacket more than once).

  21. Enidaj

    I just really wish someone (her assistant, mother, husband) would tell Kim that she doesn’t have the right shape to wear pants like that. She looks fucking terrible in them. They look best on tall, thin girls.

  22. Kim Kardashian Cheating DWTS Rob Kardashian
    Facebook Me
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    I still trying to figure which is worse? When she wore those white pants or these?

    Seen in these same leather pants? Say it isn’t so!

    BTW, comments above are great!

  23. Kim Kardashian Cheating DWTS Rob Kardashian
    Cock Dr
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  24. Kim Kardashian Cheating DWTS Rob Kardashian
    Cock Dr
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  25. Kim Kardashian Cheating DWTS Rob Kardashian
    Cock Dr
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  26. Kim Kardashian Cheating DWTS Rob Kardashian
    Cock Dr
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  27. Kim Kardashian Cheating DWTS Rob Kardashian
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    That’s enough ass to feed Darfur.

  28. Kim Kardashian Cheating DWTS Rob Kardashian
    it had to be said
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    Well, Kris has been fully introduced to husbandhood by this outfit. Kim asked him whether the outfit made her look fat and stupid and he evidently said “no.”

  29. Does this mean the mirrored ball trophy is tainted?

  30. aaw


  31. Kim Kardashian Cheating DWTS Rob Kardashian
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    I can see her panties through her Goodyear(TM) pants

  32. Tristyn

    You can’t fix stupid !.!… Somebody please drop kick this skank already…..

  33. j.j.

    nice rack

  34. 15piecesofflare

    She looks like a tick!

  35. Anon

    LOL…the larger her ass gets, the bigger and higher the shoulder pads on her jackets are.

    Someone should tell her dressing to look slim ain’t working for her.

  36. Kim Kardashian Cheating DWTS Rob Kardashian
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    pic #5, lol!!!!!

  37. anonym

    i am sick of this bitch and her talentless siblings.

    who the fuck is robert kardashian ? Never heard of him, therefore not a “star”

    • CranAppleSnapple

      Well, once on their show he got a round-the -clock boner because his mum slipped him some viagra by mistake. Perhaps that should give him *star* status at least at the level of Courtney Stodden. If we’re feeling generous.

  38. go

    The Kardashians exist to exploit the murders of Ron and Nicole. Echannel was all oj all the time before the Kardashians took over. The porno only showed the world how low these scandalous whores would go for fame and money.It did not increase their fame. The pimp is partners with Shapiro who originally played the race card to deny justice to the victims.They created a fraud church to avoid taxes. They target the young in their greedy money grabs. The murders put them on the map. They only launched whore empire after Oj went to prison.That was no coincidence. They needed that freak out of the way to go mainstream.

  39. Mike

    She also got the UN to finally condemn the Turkish Armenian genocide by claiiming in front of the General Assembly that all those killed were Justin Biebers.

  40. Kim Kardashian Cheating DWTS Rob Kardashian
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    It’s like they went to a magical mcdonalds that had a supersize yourself machine that broke down leaving kim with only a supersized behind.

  41. Kim Kardashian Twitter Rob DWTS Justin Bieber
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    Typical Hollywood trash. No story here.

  42. JJMash

    What a stupid b, he should be disqualified

  43. KK-Hater!

    Not only is she a fucking cock-sucking slut but she’s a cheating BITCH to boot. I wish this useless cunt would get hit by a falling satellite and DIE! Kim, you fucking slut, ESAD!!


  44. Stamos Fan

    To be honest I’m actually a little impressed. This was genius exploiting of the stupidity of Justin Beiber fans. I actually gained a little respect for her because of that.

  45. Kim Kardashian Cheating DWTS Rob Kardashian
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    Jesus! I was actually afraid to click the “view full size” tab!

  46. Lala

    omg, she looks like a horse from behind!!

  47. CootieTaintz

    OMG!!!! what a big can ass. It will only get worse with age.

  48. Kim Kardashian Cheating DWTS Rob Kardashian
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    She’s so deluded. She probably thinks her ass looks good in that.

  49. Mia

    What a fudging worthless waste of space. To all the $hitty fathers out there who have daughters that worship this chick. Just know they are worshiping a worthless porn star. A $hitty one at that.

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