Kim Kardashian is ‘Extremely Unhappy’ About Halle Berry Custody Fight

Ever since Kim Kardashian was dragged into the Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry custody battle, I’ve been amazed at how long it’s taken her to jump all over an opportunity to wedge her ass into the press. Then again, I always forget focus groups take a while. Anyway, here she is via Chicago Sun-Times:

I’ve learned that Kim Kar­dash­ian is both amazed and extremely unhappy that her name has been dragged into this muddy melee.
…. Not only has Kardashian gone out of her way to deny any link to Aubry beyond a platonic friendship, but a good friend of the TV personality says Kim is particularly bothered because she feels Berry has repeatedly snubbed her — both at red carpet and private social events in Hollywood.
As for being around Nahla, Kardashian is said to be confused about that, “since Kim only saw the little girl once or twice. … She wouldn’t even recognize Nahla if she saw her somewhere without either Gabriel or Halle with her.”

Jesus! So Kim really was around Nahla? Yeesh. So, uh, remember all that stuff I said about Halle Berry being a crazy, vindictive psychopath using her daughter as a weapon? Can we maybe change that to something along the lines of “proud lioness defending her cub like it’s the last piece of chicken?” — That, um, that didn’t make this better, did it? One second.

*puts on blackface* Okay, feeling good about this one…

Photos: WENN