Kim Kardashian is a Tease

November 29th, 2010 // 69 Comments

What you’re looking at is Kim Kardashian participating in the Keep a Child Alive campaign for World AIDS Day. Apparently on Wednesday she’ll sign off of both Facebook and Twitter, or “die” in this topsy-turvy Internet world, until $1 million is raised by texting “KIM” to 90999. Does anyone else find that to be the shittiest motivator ever? Make a donation or Kim Kardashian won’t tweet pre-approved messages about her reality show and/or ads for diet pills anymore? C’mon. If this campaign was really serious, she’d literally be forced to die after $1 million was raised. Of course, incredible fund-raising ideas aside, she could just quietly donate the money herself, but that wouldn’t involve a very public campaign where she gets to see how people react to her death, the ultimate form of vanity. Which is what charity is all about isn’t? “MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!”

Adding… DING!

Photos: Pacific Coast News, Splash News


  1. Kim Kardashian
    Commented on this photo:

    I can see the cellulite thru her dress!

  2. Steven

    Such a selfish egotistical person, trying to do something for something/someone other than herself while making herself the icon, either way you put it, selfish….Heck, if this was serious, but having her die instead of her “living”, people would be donating like crazy! And the only people who seem to give a damn about her are people who watch that awful show which literally wastes away people’s life until they stop breathing and like jacking off to her playboy images and let’s not forget what she was originally famous for!!! I hate how vain she is by doing this stupid advertisement, it is by far useless and vain, it seems she is just trying to get worse and worse, and with the attention she somehow craves, she could just donate the money to help children, but no she needs to make herself look special and act like her internet life is so fucking important….How about getting rid of “both”? She is fake, vain, and is overrated by stupid endeavors which only naive people who watch reality and gossip shows who actually think this is important and it is so, so stupid!

  3. Kim Kardashian
    Commented on this photo:

    Whoooohoooooooo!!!! That’s ,my gurl!!! :-)

  4. kim k is not > the rest of the world

    so wait , Kim Kardashian thinks she’s so good , that if she pretends to be dead , people will donate to stop a damn epidemic . geez , so if she logs off the social world for like a day she’ll save millions of lives . can people be any stupider ? she’s not even all that . her porn / sex tape gave her fame basically . she tried singing , FAILED , i doubt she can act , FAILED that too . and all she can do is pose her injected ass and boobs everywhere to friggin save the world . someones a little too full of themselves !

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