Kim Kardashian is a Tease

What you’re looking at is Kim Kardashian participating in the Keep a Child Alive campaign for World AIDS Day. Apparently on Wednesday she’ll sign off of both Facebook and Twitter, or “die” in this topsy-turvy Internet world, until $1 million is raised by texting “KIM” to 90999. Does anyone else find that to be the shittiest motivator ever? Make a donation or Kim Kardashian won’t tweet pre-approved messages about her reality show and/or ads for diet pills anymore? C’mon. If this campaign was really serious, she’d literally be forced to die after $1 million was raised. Of course, incredible fund-raising ideas aside, she could just quietly donate the money herself, but that wouldn’t involve a very public campaign where she gets to see how people react to her death, the ultimate form of vanity. Which is what charity is all about isn’t? “MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!”

Adding… DING!

Photos: Pacific Coast News, Splash News