Kim Kardashian in a Bikini

June 11th, 2010 // 104 Comments

And now to complete the Famewhore Trifecta.

Here’s Kim Kardashian in Miami today where she conveniently wrapped her ass in a sarong before going out in front of all the paparazzi she just called. Apparently she’s in town for a friend’s bachelorette party, so it’s nice to see she squeezed in some Kim-time before having to watch everyone pay attention to someone that isn’t her. Only men who went through POW camps in Nam can truly understand that pain. “Seriously, why’s everybody looking at the bride? *calls agent* Leak another sex tape. NOW. — All out? Hold on, I’m going to fuck this waiter in front of my phone. We’ll call it ‘Save Room for Kim-sert.’ *snort*

Photos: INFdaily, Mavrix


  1. Philipp

    hmm…. boobs

  2. Philipp
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    i want to sleep on those :D

  3. For someone that has so much plastic surgery, Kim sure does wear a lot of coverups…

  4. cellphone

    With the site’s new technology,the quality of the pics is extremely well.

  5. Teriberka
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  6. Hugh Gentry
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    i’d fuck the shit out of those tits and plaster them every night

  7. Sheena

    I thought Vampira was dead.

  8. FrankNfrtr

    Butt of course.

  9. jp
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  10. FrankNfrtr
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    Kim’s feeling fat today. You don’t get to see her enormous ass this time.

  11. Kim is a creation of beauty painted with a brush that knows no boundaries. Natural curves clash into each other, creating a voluptuous sculpture of Venus-like quality that defies explanation.

    A true woman who sets the stage for all other women to follow.


    • You REALLY need to STOP smoking that wholesale crack….

    • Nan

      When was the last time you saw a statue of Venus that was dumpy?

      • Ty

        Picture #10…Curvaceous? Her shoulders, waist and hips are about the same width. She clearly needs to do more physical activity. Can’t find a sport she likes? She should ask her step-dad. I’m sure he can come up with some suggestions. After all, he’s a legendary decathlete.

    • Salvador Dali

      “Kim is a creation of beauty painted with a brush that knows no boundaries”
      Ok that does not make any sense. What are you trying to say here Randal? No boundaries in terms of fucking what? This piss monkey luvin’ whore is fat you idiot!

    • sarah

      you have to be kidding!!! she is a beauty painted with a brush/? if this is the level you are setting to your standards then i feel sorry for you. she is short, plastic, fake hair, fake breat, fake nose and a fake personality plus she is fat, big legs like tree trunks!!!! her ass is so ugly!!!! she thinksit is hot but little does she know that everyone makes fun of it behind her back. how funny she struts around like her ass is so awesome and everyone laughs at it behind her back!!!1 it is an ass only a black guy would appreciate. i hope she realizes that she is joke compared to what is considered sexy. pick up a sport illustrated, you will never be that!!!!

  12. Richport's Ghost
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    Holy fuck, that leg looks like a furry tree trunk.

  13. Lenny

    I’m old school and I can remember when you had to have some talent to be famous. Get naked, blow someone on a video and get pissed on and that’s it. We are headed in a terrible direction.

    • bar room hero

      no shit, buncha talentless slags…

      Heidi (tranny) Montag, kendra koalburner, the Kardashian whores…etc. etc.

    • FrankNfrtr

      That’s right! Thank U for the helpful reminder. Thru the magic of the internet I’ve learned that this woman released her own seX tape with a guy PEEING on her!
      When people see her in public they point & laugh, right?

  14. Commented on this photo:

    Ass of GTFO!!!

  15. Commented on this photo:


  16. RoniMikey
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    Is this some kind of a joke.

  17. captain america

    …………..just talking is a waste of enenergy.

  18. chad scrogi
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    Wow, its really annoying that she hides her ass. That ass and her sex tape is what made her famous ..

  19. Shitefest

    I have no idea what’ going on with this site, but it’s shite now. I’m gone.

  20. blind leading the blind

    can’t believe this thing still has viewers.

  21. BobbyBob
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    Chunka – chunka – chunka

  22. turd da third
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    not much bikini here, just a lot of covering up… her face looks like a bug splat on the winshield of my truck! So no interesting,, just an attention whore.

  23. turd da third
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    first -1

  24. Lost
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    she looks cute with her hair in a bun & less makeup. She annoys my eyes when her hair is too volumized with a TON of makeup. She needs to keep it simple more often.

  25. Morning
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    Who the hell wears fucking HUGE earrings to the beach???!! Seriously, she is so fucking annoying. She NEVER swims when she is near water. All she does is just stand there like a moron waiting for the flash to snap.

    Fucking annoying. She needs to realize that she is INfamous, not famous. I hate how most of her fans stick up for her & when asked why they like her, then they respond with, “Oh I love how she puts on makeup! lolz!”

    ANYONE can put makeup on if trained correctly and PLUS she always has makeup artist to put that nasty junk on her face daily. She even admitted that she can’t cake her face herself worth shit. She can’t do anything on her own accept be fucking ANNOYING- she’s quite talented at that.

  26. Erin

    Is it just a lucky coincidence that the full text of this fit on the home page, or did you actually fix that follow-the-jump bullshit?

  27. Morning

    Who the hell wears fucking HUGE earrings & makeup to the beach???!! Seriously, she is so fucking annoying. She NEVER swims when she is near water. All she does is just stand there like a moron waiting for the flash to snap.

    Fucking annoying. She needs to realize that she is INfamous, not famous. I hate how most of her fans stick up for her & when asked why they like her, then they respond with, “Oh I love how she puts on makeup! lolz!”

    ANYONE can put makeup on if trained correctly and PLUS she always has makeup artist to put that nasty junk on her face daily. She even admitted that she can’t cake her face herself worth shit. She can’t do anything on her own accept be fucking ANNOYING- she’s quite talented at that.

    • Nan

      Don’t forget, just 3 years ago she was best friends with the other celebrity who got famous for her porn movie.

    • Tulip

      Everyone in Europe wears makeup to the beach. Just so you know, 99% of bikinis sold in the U.S. never touch the water, so why not wear makeup. I even wear makeup to have surgery. So there!!!! ( blowing raspberries)

      • Nynke

        Hi, I’m a 15 year old Dutch girl and REALLY everyone here swim if they got the chance! Even if its 10 degrees below zero (Celsius, not Fahrenrad). Just google on “nieuwjaarsduik”.

        Also, we all were accessoires and make-up to the beach! No, now I’m lying. There are less women here that were make-up then in other countries out of Europe. But if we do, we were it to everything, we are so down already that we need to put on more make-up when we want to go to the local

        Kim Kardashian’s body is really beautifully, everyone sais she’s fat. But listen; are we already so far that we only like the skinny types? We say in Holland “Dun hoeft niet altijd mooier te zijn”, wat means skinny doesn’t have to be more beautifull! And that’s true. A friend of mine had size XXS but when she ate more she got to size L. And she is GORGEOUS. There is no bones, no muscles to see, just woman curves! She got too many attention, I want too!

        My boyfriends lost thirty kg, but came on 30 and he’s really cute now. Men are getting wider, and it looks like he’s a bodybuilder. Just so manly. Oh my gosh, I’d like it soooo much.

        Indeed, she got a mustache, mwuhahah rofl. But her face is even without make-up gorgeous even she’s fake.

  28. Fish I thought you said you weren’t gonna post anymore stories OR pics about this fucking fat bitch…

    • FrankNfrtr

      Look at the site’s ads. It’s on the Kardashian payroll.
      Looks like quite a money train to hitch onto. Remember, that’s what it is ALL about!
      There’s no profit in posting fresh faced, possibly talented newcomers.
      Only a webmaster that truly cared about the audience here would offer up such rare treats. Instead we get the KKK sisters & Mrs. Gosselin.

  29. huh?

    “A true woman who sets the stage for all other women to follow”?????? Are you kidding me? So you’re saying women should sleep with anything on two legs and film videos getting pee’ed on? Nice role model to follow. Oh, and what’s with the Charlie & the Chocolate Factory glasses? She’s such a tool.

  30. UncleStinky
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    shit, we seen her fuck negros on videotape. who cares about bikini shots?

  31. fr@
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    stop wining, she’s hot

  32. Wiley

    Plastic Face = Ugly

  33. Gen

    Those glasses are just downright comical. She is a parody at herself at this point. No commentary is necessary; we can just look at her and laugh.

    Can we please get some pictures of beautiful celebrities on here who I can at least envy on some pathetic level? Because Lindsay, Kim, Kendra are all just sad at this point.

  34. Typical

    Hey look everybody, a typical dumb, fat, American whore. She even sexes black too. How low can Americans get? Asian wont touch those monkeyses. The blacks here no their inferior savage status. ASian will always sit at top, then white, then Indian, Arab, Native American, Latinos who are non-mexican, black, and finally mexican. We are petite, cute, smart, kind, modest, classy, elegant, have nice hair, and skinny. American are the opposite of that. Kim is opposite. She is cellulite fat and had to get plastic surgery on her face because she wanted to look Asian. Kim is hairy brown Arab who sexes black and mexican and white trash. Asian only sex Asian, white, and Jew. We chose top of the line. Our men are smart, successful, and at the top of the hierarchy when it comes to people who matter. Americans whores date losers and scum. WE date rich, wealthy, and powerful. Just look to Rupert Murdoch, John Lennon, Nic Cage, Maurey Povish, Wesley Snipes, a negro American football player, Russel Simmons, I could go on. They all want us and no slutty American who opens her legs to everybody who says high. We have class to that.

    • Valentina

      Apparently you are not a ‘typical Asian intellectual’ as you have the grammatical skills of a six year old who speaks English as a second language. P.S. You Asians all look as if you have been hit in the face with a shovel and you smell like rotting fish.

      • Typical

        Shut up Valentina I bet you are a loose whore. I am smarter and more classy than you. I bet you sex blacks and mexicans. I bet you open your legs for everyone. I and other Asians have standards. We are selective in who we offer our superior selves to. Tall, rich, attractive, and smart Asians, whites, and Jews are all we want. Everyone else is scum and dumb savage.

        And I speak 3 languages you dumb American. I say Mandarin, Cantonese, and English. How many do you speak stupid. I bet you cant even speak English. You probably speak that ebony crap right? I am in England at university and all white English make fun of American English speakers because you don’t speak it right. You all copy blacks and dead-beats. You are the worlds laugh track. Everybody makes funny you. You have black president who speaks like a typical dumb negro. Before that you have president who talks like a trailer trash. They reflect the stupidity of most Americans. You voted them in losers.

      • Burt

        Mmm, right. And that statement makes you the more mature one?

    • You can’t even spell and you put yourself up as an example of a superior race? You stupid bitch!

      The only thing men want with you flat faced, squinty-eyed, no eyelids having, K-9, dog-ass, bow-wow, skinny bitches with no tits OR ass is to fuck the shit out of you for as long as we can stand the smell of your bug-eating asses!

      We know your men have dicks the size of a roll of Certs breath mints and that’s why they tied your ugly feet up for centuries, to keep you nasty bitches from running away to look for some real meat.

      You entire race is pint-sized and sleazy. Your county encourages counterfeit in all forms, you pollute the world making those third rate cars, poisonous toys and sending all the waste into the atmosphere. The one thing about you chinks, is that you’ve always been the most selfish country on earth!

      If you guys are so smart, why can’t you elect a government chosen by the many instead of being ruled by the guy with the strongest army? Puhleezzze!
      Never think anyone is envious of you tiny, worm and bug eating people. Not to mention how funny looking you are.

      ‘You have faces like frying pans, flat as hell. When I look as Asians from the side, it’s like looking at a flat wall! You don’t have any eyelids and your eye sockets are slanted at a 45 degree angle. What the fuck is so attractive about that?

      It’s the fact that you skanks were trained from birth to please a man that makes men want to fuck you, that and the fact that you’re so sickeningly passive. Any real man would tire of you washing his ass with your tongue within a month or two.

      Your race is the scum of the earth, a bunch of midgets with a Napoleonic complex shooting down your own people in cold blood simply because they disagree with your government.

      You can have all you Asian scumbags, Laotians, Vietnamese, Koreans, Chinese, Japanese and any other yellow, fish eating, pajama wearing, funny smelling, sing-song talking pieces of shit and drown them in the ocean. Another place you bastards are destroying!

      Fuck you, bitch. Go back to your grass hut and rice paddies. We never wanted you yellow bastards here anyway!!!!!!

      • Hey now..let’s show Typical some “respect”..I mean after all she was one of those pancake faced gook bitches that’s been in many of those “scat” movies her people are WELL KNOWN for, sucking the shit outta each other’s asses and letting men of ALL colors piss on them and tie them up and beat the fuck outta them. Oh motherfuckers are just SO CLASSY.

      • steez

        someone just got trolled.

      • Stace

        That shit was grrrrrreat!

    • Ashley

      Whatthehell is this bitch going on about? I’m freaking Asian too and reading this comment makes me wish I wasn’t. This is disgusting, and your grammar is truly horrendous.

      Still, not all Asians are flat faced and single-eye lidded. Koreans and Japanese, maybe. But there are still some who don’t look like they ran face first into a wall and never recovered.

  35. hiya
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    she always hide her cottage cheese ass… coz that ass is only beautiful with clothes on and photoshop

  36. mondo270
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    and why the cloris leachman sunglasses?

  37. Pub
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    Garbage., just like her sisters. Utterly worthless, undeserving of being called human.

  38. Jack Mehoff
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    I’d suck on those big titties and ass.

  39. Jack Mehoff

    I’d suck on her big titties & ass.

  40. RasputinsLiver


    Damn, bitch is a fuckin’ hog, man. Like she’s dogsville, dude.


  41. Jake
    Commented on this photo:

    She is one fine ass mofo.

  42. rula

    why did you change the siiite

  43. Tulip

    That is the ugliest swim outfit that I’ve ever seen in my entire life. She looks like some kind of a discussing incest that you just want to squish. What was she thinking?

  44. mom
    Commented on this photo:

    She is such a famewhoe. Thank you Superficial for actually recognizing that fact!!!

  45. UncleStinky
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    Id still pop her pooper though.

  46. FATFUG
    Commented on this photo:

    she hides the big fat ass & short tiny legs cause she ain’t gonna be able to fotoshop it before it gets released to ‘el publico’
    stupido …
    lol hilarious that anyone thinks this is hot …ewwwww lawwwwwwwd skank ..LMFAO

  47. SweetCherry

    It is so sad to look at Kim now..she looks like a plastic soccer Mom…I used to think her exotic, eithnic looks were what made her special..and a beauty…she messed with her nose..her face…frozen in botox at such an early age…she let Hollywood mess up her head…and her looks. She looks like an older white lady…yuck

  48. wisteria
    Commented on this photo:

    kim is apparently going to the beach and she still has all this make up and jewelry on! i wonder what she looks like without all that…..
    be a pap @

  49. zdoy

    This site is so lame now@ who cares about the kardashinansss

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