Kim Kardashian: ‘I Eat Street Meat’

February 9th, 2011 // 93 Comments

These words are about to happen. Via Harper’s Bazaar:

“I worked out once. I gained like 10 pounds. All the papers were like, Kim’s pregnant! I ate the nuts on the street corner, the hot dogs, the street meat. It was not a joke.”

Haha. Nuts.

But, seriously, allow me to display my cultural naivety here, or possibly even speak for crackers everywhere, but how long have been black guys been calling their penises “street meat?” Because I feel like that’s something I should’ve been made aware of. I can think of at least 100 different occasions when that term would’ve come in handy, two of which involve me saying, “Hold the ketchup.” I mean, two of you saying that. I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Photos: Terry Richardson/Harper’s Bazaar


  1. Kim Kardashian Cleopatra Harpers Bazaar
    Commented on this photo:

    her legs look weird. just saying. hey she’s got money, she should get those Hammer Toes fixed!

  2. nikki

    as usual, any kardashian story gets a lot of comments, its all good, the more comments, the more stories. and you idiots wonder why they’re banking and your not!?! ha ha!

  3. sexy k bitches

    ugh these hoe are out just for a nut they dont care wat color the cock is as long as they have one super nasty….

  4. Wai Long Peen

    Someone once commented that Kim Karsadhian has seen more black cock (aka “street meat”) than a prison urologist.

  5. Kim Kardashian Cleopatra Harpers Bazaar
    Commented on this photo:

    She is looking SO odd and plastic these days… Such a shame :(

  6. Testie


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  8. Wow, ok rapist.

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  11. Michael Sabin

    What a gorgeous woman.Kim is one hot mama.

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