Kim Kardashian: ‘I Eat Street Meat’

February 9th, 2011 // 93 Comments

These words are about to happen. Via Harper’s Bazaar:

“I worked out once. I gained like 10 pounds. All the papers were like, Kim’s pregnant! I ate the nuts on the street corner, the hot dogs, the street meat. It was not a joke.”

Haha. Nuts.

But, seriously, allow me to display my cultural naivety here, or possibly even speak for crackers everywhere, but how long have been black guys been calling their penises “street meat?” Because I feel like that’s something I should’ve been made aware of. I can think of at least 100 different occasions when that term would’ve come in handy, two of which involve me saying, “Hold the ketchup.” I mean, two of you saying that. I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Photos: Terry Richardson/Harper’s Bazaar


  1. Rico

    I’d like to eat her meat. Chew it up and lick it and suck it and fuck it. YUM!

  2. Hmmmmm

    I happen to have some right here

  3. This one is just to easy. SMH

  4. Kim Kardashian Cleopatra Harpers Bazaar
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    For the Kardashians every day is like a Halloween party. What will tomorrow’s costume be?

  5. Jimbo

    I like that Pocahontas look. This pale face would fuck her silly.

  6. Mortimer Duke

    No shade, they actually made her look good here.

  7. Kim Kardashian Cleopatra Harpers Bazaar
    Commented on this photo:

    Jennifer Lopez?

  8. just here for laughs

    Unintentional humor is the best.

  9. phil

    her only good picture is where she gets banged by ray j

    • crackers and milk

      Even THAT picture wasn’t all that great..she couldn’t even suck a cock properly. Vapid slutbag.

  10. Blergh

    Somehow they managed to photoshop out her plastic surgery face. Impressive.

    • have seen her in person, she is more gorgeous than this … I don’t understand why people pretend she isn’t gorgeous – just because she likes black guys. The least attractive thing about her to me is her butt.

      • bloody toothbrush

        Yea her ass isn’t attractive to me either, but then again how many men WOULD be into wilderbeast asses?

  11. fish, someone’s having you on. that aint slang for dick

  12. Her mocking of Egyptian culture is offensive and deplorable.

  13. **exasperated**


    • Dick Tater

      Ditto. Every fucking day with this fat ass phony, but judging by The Superficial you’d think Taylor Momsen was dead. Sure, Momsen’s a narcissistic snot, but she’s younger, tighter, cuter, and more talented than fat ass phony media whore Kardashian.

    • lightdragon

      This is a CelebBuzz franchise. if you take a look at the bottom of this page. you will see various celebs below. one of them is Kim. out of any of them Kim is the only thing worth while posting as they are supposed to plug these celebs. yeah i know kendra is hotter but the only thing interesting about her is if they posted porn movies of her which would probably be an infringement on her income.

  14. Kylie

    What a moran.

  15. At least she managed to give a fair and accurate portrayal of Egyptian fashion…at least I assume Egypt has prostitutes.

  16. Talk Hard

    She must like the white sauce.

  17. Kim Kardashian Cleopatra Harpers Bazaar
    Commented on this photo:

    the sunset

  18. jojo

    I think once a penis comes out of a Kardashian it immediately becomes known as street meat and must be certified by the Department of Agriculture.

    • Close but it actually has to be certified street meet BEFORE she puts it in her. Once certified it is allowed in and will pee on her.


      • akewlazzmom

        Once it comes out, it should be considered putrid and past its “sell by” date.
        FDA regulations. Think i’ll give ‘em a call.


    Ugh. Why is Kim on the cover of everything? She is totally useless…

  20. Herb

    She prefers black cock? Who knew.

  21. This looks *nothing* like her. That is not her real face. That is a computer-corrected face that is far prettier than her own.

  22. Kim Kardashian Cleopatra Harpers Bazaar
    kim poop please
    Commented on this photo:

    i wanna see her poop

  23. Yo Mama

    Classy guys, classy.

  24. kittenbomb

    Let’s see…she eats “nuts”, “hot dogs”, “street meat”…is there an award for double entendre run on sentence of the year? Because I think we have a WINNER!

  25. Wotwot

    Didn’t we already know this and witness it 4 years ago? “Kim Kardashian DOESN’T Eat Street Meat,” would be much more shocking.

  26. You're NOT Marilyn you're a whore

    It’s like this skank is trying to be a modern day Marilyn Monroe or something. Kim you’re NOT a modern day Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn had TALENT. She could act, she could sing and she was just a NATURAL beauty. YOU on the other hand are fake from head to toe. Your breasts are fakes. Your ass is fake. Hell your face and lips alone are SO PLASTIC that even when you try and pretend “cry” it looks like your face is about to break into a million pieces. You have NO TALENT or worth what so ever and just about EVERYONE hates you. You’re only good for being a whore, which is exactly what you’re known for.
    You’re so vapid, that all you wanna do is be “looked at”, because judging by the sex tape, you’re not shit in the sack and can just barely suck a cock.

    • Miskita

      LMAO, I thought this too, the other day when I saw the KUWK commercial… Her face looks soooooooo weird when she cries! Gross!!!!!!!!!

  27. Of course she ate “nuts”, but she only eats chocolate coated ones and I’m never buying Harper’s Bizaar again. I thought they had CLASS.

  28. Ricky Rao

    wish she’d suck on my street meat. WOOOOOOOOAHHHHHHH

  29. doodles

    She really loves to play up her being a whore. Kim Kardashian – No Shame.

  30. haha

    Wow..photoshop can make even the dirtiest of whores LOOK clean and disease free!!

  31. homosapiens

    We’re talking about road kill, right? Aren’t we?

  32. Hell, I worked out once too. Longest fifteen minutes of my life. But seriously, read that quote… is that even a sentence? It reads like she was straining to put the words “nuts”, “hot dog” and “street meat” all into one sentence just to sound more like a stupid skank.

    Well, mission accomplished, I guess.

  33. Kim Kardashian Cleopatra Harpers Bazaar
    Commented on this photo:

    What can be said? I’ll let someone with actual talent make my comment…

    I’m humbled by her foresight…


  34. Kim Kardashian Cleopatra Harpers Bazaar
    Commented on this photo:

    Pretty clear that anything goes… there is a song about these dames:

  35. So she has effectively verified that she does indeed go cruising for black dick and she likes to licky licky sucky sucky?? Wish I was a black dude in her neck of the woods!!

  36. Yeah? I understand she visits the “Lemonade Stand” occasionally as well.

  37. Kim Kardashian Cleopatra Harpers Bazaar
    Commented on this photo:

    Kleopatra – with a K.

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  39. Kim Kardashian Cleopatra Harpers Bazaar
    Commented on this photo:

    No, Cleopatra had a deadly asp…A, S, P…ASP.

  40. Kim Kardashian Cleopatra Harpers Bazaar
    Commented on this photo:

    please… die

  41. wim

    why is it nessecary to photosho[p everyone?

  42. Kim Kardashian Cleopatra Harpers Bazaar
    Commented on this photo:

    Not her legs or arms. Or face. But she’d make a neat Kleo.

  43. Stars are spreading humor about themselves. Its not at all a true story. We can not know truth about their life. All the think are fake.

  44. dead peter

    It’s good to see her getting back to her roots. Gobbling nuts on street corners.

  45. Kim Kardashian Cleopatra Harpers Bazaar
    Commented on this photo:

    “Ahhh Geeez…. Now she’s going think she’s a queen in real life. Where’s the set manager? Hey Bill! You know she can’t tell the difference between make believe and real life!”

  46. Burt

    It almost sounds like she’s talking about prostitution…Could she be hinting at what we all know, which is that she made money from that porn movie?

  47. anonymoose

    I didn’t recognize her with lips.

  48. Kim Kardashian Cleopatra Harpers Bazaar
    Commented on this photo:

    There is one important prop missing in this portrait of The Philopator – the deadly venomous live asp.

  49. No wonder the United States is one of the countries with the lowest intelligence in the world. She has shown the public more than enough times that she lies about EVERYTHING and she’s still treated like Princess Diana!!!

  50. Kim Kardashian Cleopatra Harpers Bazaar
    Commented on this photo:

    She has no idea how to look like a human does she? What a Frozen emotionless face.

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