Kim Kardashian & Gabriel Aubry?

Seen here the exact moment he realized Kim Kardashian tipped off the paparazzi, Gabriel Aubry was spotted at last night’s Lakers game with America’s most opportunistic behemoth-ass who wasted no time this morning arranging anonymous sources to claim they’re dating. Of course, absolutely none of this makes sense because you don’t go from Halle Berry to Armenian mustache burns no matter how crushed and broken you are inside. I’d honestly have more respect for Gabriel Aubry if he sat alone in a room full of candles watching the X-Men movies endlessly on loop. “Why do they only let her fly the plane? She can do so much more, you fools! — Wait, I’m this movie. I’M. THIS. MOVIE. Oh, God…

(Also, insert the whole not being black thing here. For both parties, now that I think about it.)

Photos: Splash News