Kim Kardashian Forgets Why She’s Famous

September 9th, 2010 // 89 Comments

Kim Kardashian is apparently flipping out over releasing outtakes (above) from her 2007 photo shoot this week because I’m sure something like this wasn’t specifically written in the contract and agreed to in advance. They must’ve broken into her house and made her take a cut of the profits! No, not again! RadarOnline reports:

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, who publicly expressed regret about doing the naked shoot, now has reacted privately about the new photos surfacing.
“Kim was really upset that the new photos were released,” a source close to Kim exclusively told
“She freaked out that they were out there, she didn’t think that they were going to be seen again.

You know what? I’m willing to accept Kim Kardashian has no clue how the Internet works and legitimately thought the issues would be recycled into textbooks for under-privileged children. (“Mommy, why can’t I stop reading my math book?”) That being said, I don’t know how she explains this letter written to her fans over a year after the shoot:

There are a bunch of reports about me on the web claiming that I said I would never do Playboy again. They’re quoting me as saying, “It was a one-off. I don’t think I’ll do Playboy or anything like that again.”
First of all, I have never used the term “one-off.” It’s simply not in my vocabulary.
Here’s my thinking: While I’m not planning to pose for the men’s magazine in the immediate future, I definitely don’t want to close the door to the opportunity! I absolutely love Hugh Hefner and the rest of the Playboy team and appreciate the opportunity to work with them!
Never say never,

I think what she meant to say was:

“Oh, my God, Playboy raped me and forced me to do the shoot.
I’m just a strong-willed businesswoman trying to bring happiness to the world through a scripted reality show, carefully choreographed paparazzi shots of my mammoth ass and pretending I didn’t get famous by releasing my own sex tape for $5 million.
Justin Bieber Justin Bieber Justin Bieber.
Lindsay Lohan’s my new BFF.
[Various other Google Keywords here.]

- Kim”

That sounds about right.

Photos: Playboy


  1. sexylips

    Come on, as if thats her real ass? Thats an airbrush version. Her real ass is like a fucking juggernaut on steroids.

  2. WHERE would this bitch be without photoshop? Post a pic of her ass NOW in some panties like THAT, and it would probably look like someone tried to squeeze 80 pounds of hamburger meat thru a pair of nylon stockings.

    I wish they’d put Kim K., Heidi Montag,Tila Tequila, Paris Hilton, Spencer Pratt,and ALL the other fame hungry, useless fucks, on a boat and ship them out to the middle of the Atlantic ocean followed by a helicopter full of snipers, then torpedo that motherfucker and snipe ANYBODY that manages to not get killed the FIRST time around.

    • Blech

      Don’t forget Octoho and J.Ho.

      • Paloma

        Don’t forget Anholina Holie, Bland Pitts, and Linday Whorhan. Personally, I like Kim K. so she could stay on dry land as far as I’m concerned but the rest of those worthless hacks: “Anchors AWAY!!!!”

      • Paloma

        Oh yeah, I thought of some more overrated fools who can join the rest: Booyonce & Tyra Blanks (damn she gets on my last nerve!!).

  3. Kim Kardashian in Playboy
    Commented on this photo:

    This just in…

    Guys that like to bang chicks in the ass are most likely gay..

    that is all.


  4. Kim Kardashian in Playboy
    Commented on this photo:

    i thought she worked for playboy like the rest of hollywood tramps.
    fucking smelly armenian armpits on my face her face is a gnome.

  5. Kim Kardashian in Playboy
    Commented on this photo:

    what happend to her ass?

  6. Kim Kardashian in Playboy
    Commented on this photo:

    kim is a nasty hairy whore…that is all.

  7. Blech

    Is she trying to look like Beyonce in that featured shot?

    She looks a bit like Beyonce from that angle.

  8. Kim Kardashian in Playboy
    Commented on this photo:

    oh my god, i’d do so many things to this… my wife makes me feel such

    i’m a luck bastard

  9. Kim Kardashian in Playboy
    Snooki's Taint
    Commented on this photo:

    It’s amazing what the teams for lighting, hair, make-up and Adobe’s developers for Photoshop can do to an immense ass.

  10. God

    A prayer.

    Please, by all that is holy, allow me to bum her just once.

    Once,t hat is all I arsek.

  11. captain america

    ……….hardening of the arteries?

  12. freaky

    Who are we kidding? I’d hit that shit like a hurricane. I would rumble that ass like an 8.0 on the Richter scale. I would suckle on those behemoth titties like a newborn baby. That body was made for one thing and one thing only. But it’s kind of a bummer that she opens her mouth for anything other than me.

    That is all.

  13. Lovemypubichairthick

    If these gals didn’t shave can you imagine the amount of hair on those pussies, oh yeah.

    • freaky

      Ahhh…. Naturalness is a wonderful thing. I’m tired of waxed, plucked, lazered & shaved chicks, too. It was fun when it was still a kinky porn trend. Now that it’s normal, my deviant side demands something closer to what Mother Nature intended. Beautiful.

      • Paloma

        Yeah, and I liked when the men were all masculine but we’re all dreaming a pipe dream now guys. Those are all the days of yesteryear that we can kiss goodbye. You guys want hairy chicks and I want a guy who doesn’t tweeze, shave, or wax more than me! sigh! Metro my ass! Either your gay or your not! Sheesh!

  14. Robert Acquafresca

    She is such a horrible human being that she cant even keep her black boyfriends happy and they have shit all over her in more ways then one.

    She will die alone and with no one watching. Wretched, self centered, gold digging, gypsy, whore.

    • Keith

      Huh? She’s hot, wealthy, and seems like a fun chick.

      Gold-digger? She knows how to earn bank. How many guys have a girl who out-earn them?

      She’s the perfect girl.

    • Paloma

      What? How is she a gold-digging Gypsy? She has plenty of her own money and just because she is half Armenian that doesn’t make her a Gypsy. You’re super ignorant.

  15. Kim Kardashian in Playboy
    Commented on this photo:

    Is it just me or does her ass look a little small? I know it’s huge but it just doesn’t look that big in the pic. haha

  16. Kim Kardashian in Playboy
    Commented on this photo:

    lol. speak for ur own tendencies there, buttercup

  17. Kim Kardashian in Playboy
    Commented on this photo:

    grr that was for johnson.. fuckin phone is a nitemare to post from

  18. OneAdamTwelve

    Kim Kardashian is awesome. And while I’ve said this (and meant it) about many women, including Jessica Simpson, I’d really love for my mouth to get acquainted with her ass. That would be really great.

  19. The Revealer

    That first pic looks EXACTLY like Bunny (who is really Leah Valentari)


  20. Bunny

    You.Are.An.Idiot. ; )
    Come on and give her a break people. The “leaked” tape served it’s purpose and it’s on to bigger and better things like fucking big money, big dicked football players, drinking champagne in Miami and doing pretty much nothing else and being famous. It’s all worked out according to plan

    • Blech

      So what you’re saying is… that the leaked tape will be on to bigger, more boring things. I got it.

      Em, the champagne, bling, little dicks hidden by super-sized SUVs and Miami are pretty much old news.

  21. Ned

    I’d eat one of her turds with my eggs and bacon. She is HOT

  22. Ned

    She is so HOT I would suck the snot out of her grandmother’s nose.

  23. Ned

    She is so HOT, I would devour the semen of a complete stranger, and then let a dog crap on my belly

  24. anonymous

    The only reason she is pissed at the release of these pics now is that she doesn’t get paid for them. Playboy owns them forever.

    • Paloma

      You nailed it on the head. It’s not that she’s worried about her looks like some have suggested. It’s that she didn’t get any scratch.

  25. Eachel

    What is she so upset about? The pictures are photoshopped like no tomorrow, not like it’s really her in the end. Plus she likes whoring it up when she’s on the red carpet, not much difference in these pictures.

    This waste of air should be shot already, together with paris, lindsay, miley and 99% of hollywood losers.

  26. jamie chiasson

    I love you you in sex me yes xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  27. KK = liar

    The reason she is mad is because that picture is pre butt injections. Growing up, and throughout the road to being famous, KK never had an enormous butt. Her reasons for a big butt are absurd! She says working out, blah, blah, blah. Working out tones it, injections makes it bigger. KK is a liar, she has paid for the butt and facial enhancements.

  28. Bored with life

    Airbrush much? Her ass is HUGE in real life. She’s a no talent skank!

  29. Lisa

    You know what this is real ignorant. I hope that each and every one of you are continuously identified and judged by a bad choice that you have made, and stop saying that this girl released that tape it was that little sleezy troll Ray J that released it, but it backfired on him and worked out in her favor, you people are so ridiculous as if you have never done something that you wish you didn’t do. That is why we have a brand new day to move on from our mistakes and do better but when people try to keep tying that mistake around your neck how are you supposed to move away from it? I hope that your children are treated and given the same benefit of the doubt way that you give this young lady. She is not out here doing drugs and getting locked up and making a spectacle of herself, she is working hard every day unlike sume of you bumbs sitting home and living off of my tax dollars sitting behind a computer talking sh*t about everyone.

    • Blech

      No one spreads their legs for the camera if one wishes for a private sex life.

      Get over it. This gal, while relatively attractive (Photoshop works wonders), like many other gals who bring shame onto the female species, is nothing more than a fame whore. Who is apparently trying to look like Beyonce from that angle.

    • Paloma

      People can call Kim a whore all they want for doing the same stuff they do behind closed doors on a daily basis. The difference is she got paid for it & the world has access to watch her get freaky. So what is the big deal? People make and/or watch porn all over the planet all of the time. I might not have been pissed on but I’ve tried anal & definitely been jizzed on & love the black cock so I’m not hatin! I don’t see what the big deal is. There are so many people on here who have obviously taken the time to watch the video so you obviously have some kind of interest in her right? I haven’t even seen the video but I’m a huge fan cuz she is HOT, HOT, HOT and she is a savvy businesswoman too so no matter what she will be financially set for life. She doesn’t need to be a gold-digger as some have stated. Hate on haters!

  30. DHS

    Sweet back wrinkle

  31. Kim Kardashian in Playboy
    Commented on this photo:

    I don’t really know why but she just makes me laugh. She can pose like a porn star but then she talks and her voice is just too much to handle. Like a littlle gnome

  32. Kim Kardashian in Playboy
    Commented on this photo:

    I don’t understand why she is so pissed off.. I mean we seen it all in her sex tape. Publicity whore, for sure.

  33. Kim Kardashian in Playboy
    Commented on this photo:

    Thanks to the magic of Photoshop, even my mom can look like her.

  34. Mark

    Good god I would do terrible terrible things to her.

  35. Kim Kardashian in Playboy
    Commented on this photo:

    She’s Freakin Sexy………… I could Look At her All day!!!

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  37. texangirl64

    PLEASE!! She is SO upset… NO this is all for Publicity… Any news is News for this Ho… She’s not upset at all.. She is quite happy and giggly inside that you are looking at her.. This is the biggest camera hog in the world..

  38. louis

    OMG,====my discount bag====Google to see LV 2010 ,CHANE1 2010,GUCC1 2010 ************

  39. i have not forgotten her bumper and that is why she is famous. can’t miss it.

  40. ok, I just need to say it… For years her entrir existence has been Laguna & Hill,just don’t think we can get that our of our minds. Training wil not prevent that from happening. For ation she would have to do the dramatic action bit, ya know, extreme weight loss or gain or being a character so far from what she’s been protaid as. i hope she can pull it off. I do however immediately have full confidence of her being behind the camera.

  41. Soviet Snow

    I want to wrap my dick in that hair.

  42. Kim Kardashian in Playboy
    yo boi
    Commented on this photo:

    she’s so fake,i’d fuck a chic wih nice tit fer sure but only if they were real

  43. Kim Kardashian in Playboy
    yo boi
    Commented on this photo:

    i’d preffer non silicone,it’s just wierd

  44. Kim Kardashian in Playboy
    Commented on this photo:

    i LOVEE kim kardashian . shes truly beautiful

  45. Willy Wonka

    What a fat fucking whore!

  46. Kim Kardashian in Playboy
    they call me.......MR. TIBBS
    Commented on this photo:

    Kim has a nice ass but it’s not that big by brotha standards. Most White guys don’t want chicks with ample hips and ass. That’s why she dates black men.

  47. Kim Kardashian in Playboy
    Commented on this photo:

    she got her butt implants removed?

  48. Ryan

    super sexy man

  49. Kim Kardashian in Playboy
    Commented on this photo:

    Maybe she was not pissed long enough, maybe she should make a film treasure, or 100 Bukkake man, or one of them Japanese style vomit vids .. well at least she showed her ass :-) its money this way. Yum Yum Gimme Some
    search engine positioning

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