The FDA Does Not Recommend Taking Kim Kardashian’s Advice

Let’s get this out of the way up front: If you took a drug because Kim Kardashian endorsed it, I sincerely hope you die. I’d prefer it to happen slowly, but if a bus hits you directly in the face, or you get shot by police because of the extra melanin in your body, just this once, I’ll be cool with it. Anyway, in a shock to the medical community, a company dumb enough to put Kim Kardashian’s face next to its product failed to disclose the requisite warnings alongside her awful, vapid endorsement, and the FDA was having none of that shit. Via TMZ:

So the FDA fired off a letter to the company, asking them to stop “misbranding” the drug or take it off the market. The letter demands the company correct the problem by getting Kim to repost her endorsements with the proper warnings.

The parent company of the drug, Duchesnay (Yep, the company’s name is Pig Latin for vagina wash), still wants to retain Kim as their spokesperson, which makes sense, because the error wasn’t her fault. What doesn’t make sense is that decision could only possibly be a result of successful sales, which brings me right back to my first point. If your shopping list has items Kim Kardashian told you to buy: First, how do you know how to write? Second, have you heard about her new 24-hour detox cleanse? It’s super easy. You just write the word ‘Glam’ on a bottle of bleach and drink from it until you die.

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Photo: Forbes, Instagram