Kim Kardashian’s Wearing Ridiculous Outfits To Score A Weight Watchers Deal

If you’re like me, you just assumed Kim Kardashian has purposely been wearing outfits that most pregnant women would commit acts of terrorism before being seen in public in for attention. Turns out we left out another thing she’ll do anything for: black penis money. Page Six reports:

Industry observers are speculating that the blossoming reality star, who’s due in July with her child with Kanye West, was making a play for a megabucks deal with a weight-loss program to help her lose the baby weight, following in the footsteps of Weight Watchers’ currently pregnant spokeswoman, Jessica Simpson.

In Kim’s defense – And, wonderful, my hands are bursting into flames. – Weight Watchers handed Jessica Simpson $3 million and they didn’t even get mad when she turned the money into Chili’s and unprotected sex. So why not dress like a mutant yellow sausage if they’re just giving it away? “It’s not like I’m filming you have sex again,” Kris Jenner probably said. “Even though that did make us money. Lots and lots of money. — Sure I can’t go get the camera?”

Photos: INFdaily, Splash News