1. It had to be said

    At times like this I want to thank the army of women it takes to remove enough hair for me to wear this bikini. It was a week well spent, ladies!

    Love, Kim

  2. mia

    she is FAT. Who finds this sexy??? Her boobs are saggy and her stomach looks like shes already had kids!? the legs are huge!

    • Haven

      Are you serious?!? You are a disgusting excuse for a human if you really thing that.

      • only kourt bb

        Haha omg you clearly have issues if you think this is FAT. Legs are most def not huge. As for the boobs and stomach, saggy and untoned (if that’s what you meant) does not mean fat. It means saggy and untoned.

    • huh

      Then if you think this is fat , you must have a problem . People like you, making this type of comment make girls want to be anorexic.

  3. L

    mia, you disgust me. if you say kim’s fat, you’re saying i’m fat. a big ass and a skinny waist with a flat stomach is something you probably wish you had. jealousy is a terrible thing!

  4. dontmess

    I do’t get it neither

  5. Kiki

    She is not tiny and tiny is not nec beautiful, she has big boobs, a hot ass and flat stomach. She is the most beautiful celeb to me

  6. Eur

    Fat? If she is fat: I LOVE fat! No talent whatsoever, but she looks HOT!

  7. Waldo

    I’d pay $20MM to tap that. Or at least sacrifice my credibility and the public image of an honest relationship in order to make fools of the entire country and profit off of their infatuation w/ aforementioned ass & chesticles.

  8. Venom

    Stomach by Lipo, ass by Crisco.

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