Kim Kardashian’s Proposal Also Being Televised. Of Course.

So, Kris Humphries is from Krypton. Is that how this works?

The new promo for the sixth season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians was just released and, of course, it features Kris Humphries proposing to Kim Kardashian in front of the cameras while they were in Mexico (above) because why would this have been anything but a scripted plot point for the television show? And if it wasn’t, then this happened and Kris Humphries is an ass-whipped moron. (And before some says, “I think you mean pussy-whipped,” do I? Do I really?)

KIM: Why are there goddamn flowers all over the bed?
KRIS: *gets down on one knee* Kim, will you marry me?
KIM: Ohmygod, what the fuck? Seriously, what the fuck? You fucking propose to me without a fucking camera in the room and expect me to say yes? You fucking asshole! GOD! What the fuck?!
KRIS: Baby, baby, I’ll do it again. We’ll get the camera guys right now, I’ll be good!
KIM: See? That’s all I wanted. And a 20.5 carat ring.
KRIS: Done.

Photos: Splash News