Kim Kardashian Is Seriously Going To Pretend To Fix Her Marriage Now

After an entire week of backlash from divorcing Kris Humphries and essentially revealing their marriage as the massive scam it was designed to be from the start, Kim Kardashian flew to Minnesota over the weekend to pretend she actually has genuine emotions and isn’t a soulless whore-machine hell-bent on whore-mongering. RadarOnline reports:

Pastor Joel Johnson, who is Kris’ hometown minister, spent two hours with the estranged pair at Humphries’ lavish lakefront home.
As previously reported, Kim flew overnight from Los Angeles for the gathering. She arrived in Minneapolis at 5:30 am.
Kim was seen making several emotional phone calls from the home’s porch, and Pastor Johnson declined to answer reporters questions about how the couple is doing.

Here’s the most important thing to take away from all this: Kim Kardashian is standing roughly two miles away from the photographers she’s talking to on the phone making sure they get these shots of her making sad faces so she can immediately hop the next plane (Which she did.), and her ass still looks ginormous. It’s like staring at a black hole through the Hubble Telescope. Will it consume our entire universe in a whore-tex of shit and plastic eyebrows? God only knows.

Photos: INFdaily, Splash News