Kim Kardashian Is Definitely Getting A Divorce

October 24th, 2011 // 86 Comments

As reports continue to circulate that Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries‘ pretend marriage is over, to me, nothing confirms those rumors more than this little item via Deadline:

In what amounts to her most substantial acting role so far, Kim Kardashian has signed on to costar in The Marriage Counselor, the Lionsgate film Tyler Perry will next direct, based on his stage play.

Kim Kardashian is going to be in a Tyler Perry movie. And who stars in Tyler Perry movies, boys and girls? Black guys, that’s right. So she can deny the rumors all she wants, but Kim Kardashian starring in a Tyler Perry movie is like Lindsay Lohan saying she’s serious about rehab then turning around and moving to Colombia. You’re going straight to the source!

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  1. Beth

    She is such a loser! All the hype, all the $$$ for what? So 72 days later she could file for divorce. What a shallow person she is. If the pressure of the show hurt their marriage, cancel the show. If living with your sister and her family hurt their marriage, find your own place, you can certainly afford it after that ridiculous wedding. You were looking for a fairy tale….wake up stupid….your entire wedding and relationship were a joke, not a fairy tale. You deserve what you get.

  2. Frances

    Unbelievable. I don’t care how wealthy you are… To think 10 million was basically thrown in the trash.. All this from a materialistic girl that is lucky she came into “fame”. I tried to be open minded but the past few episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and the two day wedding event did not due her justice. All I kept thinking is “wow, what a snot. She needs a reality check.”. Her publicist should be fired for letting that side of her be televised.

  3. After reading alot of the comments here I wonder what in the hell is wrong with people. Not just this site but others. I was not aware of Kim Kardashian needing the permission of the public to stay married or divorced. Maybe if some of you who are miserable in your relationships ended them sooner than never might, might see that it’s her right to divorce Kris when ever. Some of you are trying to say that she’s only in to black men oh well that is also not your business. And yeah she has money. And then what!!! Maybe if you focused on yourselves you’d be more accepting of this woman with money, and everything else she had and will have after Kris Hump. Here’s what I’m saying if you don’t like the family Kardashian then don’t watch them. I’m sure they’ll lose some sleep over it. YEAH RIGHT!!! I hope she does well in Tyler Perrys Movie and guess what, if she does not she and Tyler Perry will still be rich not from 12 people, but 13.

  4. Heidi

    I am sure Kris feels like the biggest tool for spending $2 million in an engagement ring on a wedding that lasted what like 52 days? Wow…and I thought Khloe’s wedding was the fake one!

  5. Jean

    I look at all the people who are homeless and the children that are going to shool and to bed hungry and I pray for people like Kim for their lack of empathy. I think they will get their karma in life or death. I don’t think GOD will be so forgiving for her bragging and flaunting the wealth. It’s disgusting to think this family is getting wealthy for Kim making a sex tape. I for one will not be watching anything involving the Kardashian family or buying their merchandise.

  6. agent scully

    Thank God they didn’t breed.

  7. Concur with Agent Scully……..the Kardashians illustrate how beautiful, rich, priveleged folks can be the most superficially empty and worthless folks of all. If I had to listen to another second of any one of those four Kardashiam Bimbos whine about one of their daily drama episodes, I believe i’d jump out the damned window! Thank God they didn’t breed!

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  10. Kim Kardashian Kris Humphries
    Commented on this photo:

    orange hands

  11. Kim Kardashian Kris Humphries
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    omg. orange feet too. who the hell spray tanned your ass…….a headless person?

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