Kris Humphries To Make A ‘Windfall’ From That Wedding Kim Said Nobody Made Money From

November 3rd, 2011 // 84 Comments
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The Bullsh*t
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As details on Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries‘ pre-nup emerge, it becomes (even more) obvious that their marriage was a massive scam from the start. Especially considering absolutely none of them share any type of property or assets during their marriage EXCEPT profit made from the wedding. Which is interesting because I could’ve sworn I heard two Kardashians say no one made any money off that thing, but that’s impossible. They’re so trustworthy. Via Page Six:

According to US Weekly, a source says that, “Anything earned during the marriage, [Kim] keeps.” And another source told the magazine, “Kris does not receive any of Kim’s money” as part of their divorce settlement.
However, the report then says the NBA star would be entitled to “hefty profits from [the couple’s] E! wedding special,” which is bringing he and Kim a major windfall.
“Kim and Kris got 30 percent of the revenue from every commercial that aired,” a source told US Weekly. “The wedding special aired in about 50 countries — they made out like bandits!”

So they had it written to their pre-nuptial agreement in advance that they’d split profits from the wedding, but absolutely none of Kim’s fans are going to call on her shit? Which is cool because, in their defense, clearly a wizard put that clause in there. That same mean, old wizard who makes them eat ice cream and watch Kim & Kourtney Take New York all weekend in an unmarryable pool of lethargy. Oooh, he’s so mean.

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  1. Cock Dr

    Honey, this post is a mess on my PC. Major text issues.

    “Anything earned during the marriage, [Kim] keeps.%u201D And another source told the magazine, “Kris does not receive any of Kim’s money%u201D as part of their divorce settlement.
    However, the report then says the NBA star would be entitled to %u201Chefty profits from [the couple%u2019s] E! wedding special,%u201D which is bringing he and Kim a major windfall.”

    • kimmykimkim

      That is weird. Chefty profits, huh? Those must be bigger than just just hefty profits. Oh n u should get a Mac, Dr., cuz they’re totally tits.

  2. Pam

    He’s so stupid, it’s the least he deserves.

  3. Kassandra Martinez.

    Wow. This is even more ridiculous !! Just leave her alone already! Fucking nosey ass people, I swear. You opinions dont matter !! Gtfo of kim and kris’ life!!

    • meg

      um. If they wanted us to “gtfo” they wouldn’t have cameras following them 24/7. Or a fake wedding.

    • Reg

      ok KIM

    • eyejeskeeding

      Dear Kassandra Martinez,

      Please die. You add no value to the human race and are in fact a detriment to humanity’s further evolution. God how I wish your drunken father would have pulled out and shot his load on the back of that goat those many years ago. Instead we have you here polluting our minds with the abortions you consider “thoughts”. Please for the love of all that is good and pure end yourself and let the world move on and heal from your existence.

      Man, I sure hope that doesn’t come off as bitchy

    • Pibb

      LOL I think this is one of her worshippers from Kim’s official website. They call her Keekee!!!

    • Ha Ha

      Just what every celebrity rank-on blog needs: a totally braindead sychophantic whoretrashian supporter. Since you’re a dimwit suckup who ignores reality so as to live in the whoretrashian “land of delusion”, I won’t detail why you should grow a brain. You’re so stupid you probably wouldn’t understand anyway…

    • Do_Freebird

      The thing is Kassandra, Miss Kardashian shoved her fat stinky ass and her urine soaked face in OUR lives, and then put this sham marriage out there for the world to see. They made MILLIONS because of people like you, who for some reason get this idea that you are somehow their friend and therefore, you must stand up for them.
      So Kassandra, let me make this clear. They don’t give a fat rats ass about you, they only want you hard earned money, and that’s sad. The fact that you are defending them so vociferously – well that’s just pathetic

      • CalmDownAngryPeople

        Sorry Freebird but fat stinky ass? lol
        And if she wants to defend this sham of marriage…What’s the harm? Seriously people, calm your tits. No one is brain dead here, no one here deserves death over supporting a damn shit celebrity. You guys are over-reacting like a bunch of Beiber fangirls.
        They made money and of-course got a divorce(called it; we all did) but seriously guys cool it with gang-raping supporters, yer no better than anyone else.

      • maryanne


    • TomFrank

      You know who would spell it “Kassandra,” with a K? A Kardashian, that’s who.

    • Tittybang

      “Just leave her alone already.”

      This worthless cunt is the one putting herself out there.

      Fucking idiots like you should stop watching their fake bullshit. And Kim is a plastic woman, she used to be hot before she surgeried up.

    • lakisha

      Excuse me, ms. martinez. Who made u the judge and jury of the KarTRASHians. They are the scum of the earth and anyone with half a brain sees that. They are liars who live a life of lies in front of the American Public and make a ton of money off of it.

      I do not believe that is what makes America great nor the free enterprise system we live in. No one says make money in America by deceiving everyone and anyone. SCUMS, no doubt and you need to seriously question ur judgement of character.
      The Kartrashians have no character. GET IT. Good, now wake up and keep ur mouth shut. Our opinions do matter…we, the public of america are the reason this stupid family is so rich and popular…and I just can’t figure out whYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY????????????

      • maryanne

        you get em gurl…….great post…..couldn’t agree with you more….YOU SAID IT ALL HONEY……………

    • Frank

      KIM aka Kassandra dear,
      get treatment for your narcissism.

    • maryanne

      why don’t you get a friggin life you weird bitch….why should anyone leave this big fat ass alone, when all she did was scam the american people….she deserves everything she’s getting, her and her pimp mother the other fat ass…..they all get me sick, and anyone who loves this family is also a sick kunt……friggin freak, why don’t your get off the face of the earth …..SCANK SCANK SCANK ;DIRTY HOE BAG…..

  4. Kris Humphries is what happens when Taylor Lautner fucks a giant… weren’t there werewolves in Harry Potter?

  5. Name (required)

    Well Cock Dr,
    Your computer is obviously retarded.

  6. No one is calling her out on her shit? Check out all the comments on her “A Letter to my Fans” blog post on Celebuzz…trust me, people are talking crazy shit to her.

  7. Venom

    Who actually watched that stupid wedding of hers?

  8. Pibb

    Guess what triggers psoriasis? Stress! Kim, it will go great with that alien face. Can’t wait!

  9. SlapKatyPerry

    Can’t we bring back moammar Gadhafi and have the angry mob flog these two instead, cuz that guy can swat flies like a ninja!

  10. Do_Freebird

    It will be worth every penny that these ass clowns conned the American people out of if it finally dawns on their “fans” that they are nothing more than amoral grifters.
    With any luck, their shows will end up with zero ratings and we will be done with this scum of a family,

  11. Tinklepants Astronaut

    Well I think its heartwarming that during a period of collapsing economy and 10% unemployment, two young kids who deserve nothing get everything. And by heartwarming, I mean the warmth of the knife blade I just heated up over the stove and shoved into my aorta.

    • I just delighted beyond all reason that the wonderful institution of marriage has once again been shown to be the true sacrament that the Lord intended it to be (for at least the first 60 days), before those trashy gays tried to get their mitts on it. Because God knows, if they’re allowed to marry like these two devout young people it’ll totally discredit it beyond all redemption.

  12. bunny

    Please keep in mind this is a girl who deliberately (to anyone who has watched it) made a sex tape for attention and profit and LIED about it and we are evening questioning she deliberately got married for attention and profit? And is LYING.

    No, we are not questioning. The Kardashian family has always taken everyone’s intelligence for granted. To be their fan you have to be an idiot and just check out the fan base, maybe once inch above Chris Brown’s. They are all lies and spin. Empty amoral people. Kim has always had SERIOUS mental illness as said numerous times here before.

  13. Wow, no “Please stop talking about them” comments yet?

    Fine with me. I come here to see celebs made fun of, and every time I see a Kardashian nose shoved a little deeper in its self-created shitpile, it brings a bit of light to my miserable life.

    OK, I lied. I have a fantastic life.

    • Boo

      Georgio, my life is fantastic as well. I would never want “IT”S” life. ever. And, yes, i get an evil giggle bubbling in my gut and finally exiting as maniacal laughter at “IT”S” expense.

  14. SpaceGeneral

    Where is the “Who gives a fuck” button?

  15. 253-Jeffery Selena

    Totally sucks now, its history now. geez…

  16. forrest gump

    kim, pick out a right elementary school for the boy.

  17. HollyKMS

    No one could honestly love an ass big enough to fuck up the tides when it’s out in the moonlight. Seriously. FFS.

  18. MelanieRose

    They had a registry for expensive material items; I haven’t heard of a wealthy celebrity couple asking for anything other than charity donations in years, that was when I called bullshit.

  19. Laura

    You do realize that people who follow or are “fans” of the likes of the Kardashians are the reason you have this celebrity gossip blog right? I loathe the Kardashians, but it’s probably not wise to alienate a large portion of the people who visit TheSuperficial. Um, der.

    • Venom

      99% of the comments here direct nothing but pure hate at the Kardashians, so you might be a wee bit wrong on your assessment there.

      If you and the other dwindling numbers of Kardashian fans leave, you will not be missed.

    • rican

      Laura, I see you have all your moron papers up to date.

    • cc

      Most of the celebrities here get mocked, and rightly so, but I don’t think too many of them are loathed. That is not true of the Kardashians…people despise them, and everything they represent. The number of Kardashian ‘fans’ that come here probably doesn’t exceed the weight of her ass in kilos.

  20. I am sick and tired of all these spoiled people with their decadent ways simply throwing money in to things like this farce of a wedding because they “wanted a party”. These fools, the Lindsay Lohans and Paris Hiltons who as far as I can see do not contribute anything of value to our society. What they do is grind in to the faces of regular people that they #1 don’t care or understand what to really need something means and #2 spend millions on a ridiculous wedding that was all for show…for show! ( regular people who by the way are hanging on by our fingernails trying to pay for gas and food) My husband and I work 3 jobs between us, I work with special needs kids as a therapist. We are slowly sinking as so many other people in the country are and I am disgusted that these ‘people’ are given any consideration or interest. Pathetic.

    • Dan

      Eh, it wasn’t a farce wedding. It was an investment. They invested $10M or something and I am sure they got more than that back.

      But I do see what you are saying.

    • kimmykimkim

      Exactly, I just keep thinking to myself, “Why did I not become a whore again? I know I had a reason once…hmmm.”

  21. I know

    Die die die die please die die die. I hope every single one of the whoredashian family gets into a private plane and it crashes into the ocean. That will solve alllll of this countries problems.

  22. Blessed

    Face the facts, Kim is still in love with Reggie and would go back plus marry him in a minute.

  23. Spel Chucker

    You spelled genius wrong, genius.

  24. Doctor Joystick

    Only half black + small bladder = failed marriage.

  25. Ra

    what a good way to cash in.

  26. ness

    nobody believed they never made money off it when kris jenner tried to lie.

    they really think the public are that stupid to fall for their lies.All I can say is I hope they fade nobody should watch there fake show.

  27. Dan

    God Bless America!!!

  28. kimmykimkim

    “You guys, that money was spent a long time ago so, technically, no we didn’t make any money off it – that is still in existence today.” Any Kardashian.”

  29. SFRowGuy

    Good for you Kris. You should be compensated for touching that ‘thing’ with anything less than a ten-foot pole.

  30. anonym

    Just think of it as a very bad movie that hopefully will make no one want to watch or invest in her shit ever again.

    I hope no one watches her next televised wedding or pays anything for her worthless shit.
    Let the media companies take the loss.

  31. seabee

    However, the report then says the NBA star would be entitled to “hefty profits from [the couple’s] E! wedding special,” which is bringing he and Kim a major windfall.

    BRINGING HE?????? Journalists don’t have to pass basic grammar these days to report on celebrities or skew the news.

    ICYDK, it should be HIM.

    • CranAppleSnapple

      Yeah, but you’re not really allowed to say Him and Kim. Because you can’t say “Him and Kim went to a strip club.”
      They could have said “bringing Kim and him a major windfall’. As long as the sentence still makes sense when you remove Kim.
      God, Please remove Kim.

      • CranAppleSnapple

        I totally agree the reporter is a moron. I would have said “bringing them”. Or both their names.

  32. dee cee

    And Kris had fun insulting the whole stupid family by being himself and could care less about convincing anyone he was madly in love with KIMBO.. when his agreed hire as a husband gig was over .. he took off for a new life.. Win! Don’t have to stay with the LOONs and stunt act HE so sad.. any more.. Win.. YAY

  33. jokbo1

    FUCK ALL THIS SHIT! i’ll just stick with worrying about my own life, and stop putting my nose on somebody’s else. if they made money with the wedding, that’s their business->I don’t care

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