Kris Humphries To Make A ‘Windfall’ From That Wedding Kim Said Nobody Made Money From

As details on Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ pre-nup emerge, it becomes (even more) obvious that their marriage was a massive scam from the start. Especially considering absolutely none of them share any type of property or assets during their marriage EXCEPT profit made from the wedding. Which is interesting because I could’ve sworn I heard two Kardashians say no one made any money off that thing, but that’s impossible. They’re so trustworthy. Via Page Six:

According to US Weekly, a source says that, “Anything earned during the marriage, [Kim] keeps.” And another source told the magazine, “Kris does not receive any of Kim’s money” as part of their divorce settlement.
However, the report then says the NBA star would be entitled to “hefty profits from [the couple’s] E! wedding special,” which is bringing he and Kim a major windfall.
“Kim and Kris got 30 percent of the revenue from every commercial that aired,” a source told US Weekly. “The wedding special aired in about 50 countries — they made out like bandits!”

So they had it written to their pre-nuptial agreement in advance that they’d split profits from the wedding, but absolutely none of Kim’s fans are going to call on her shit? Which is cool because, in their defense, clearly a wizard put that clause in there. That same mean, old wizard who makes them eat ice cream and watch Kim & Kourtney Take New York all weekend in an unmarryable pool of lethargy. Oooh, he’s so mean.

Photo: Splash News