Kim Kardashian ‘Didn’t Like Herself Enough’ To Go The People’s Choice Awards

“Thanks for showing up when I called. Bye-eee!”

When Kris Jenner passed out the family talking points for the week, everyone was in agreement that it was going to be Khloe’s turn to be in the spotlight because she’s a fatherless Yeti. Which is probably why her husband loves strippers so much. Anyway, naturally Kim Kardashian stamped her feet until Kris fed HollywoodLife a bullshit story about Kim not feeling pretty since her divorce from Kris Humphries because you’re supposed to believe she’s capable of complex human emotions beyond “money, money, money, black penis, money, money, money.”

“Kim didn’t want to go to the People’s Choice Awards yesterday because she didn’t feel good about herself,” an insider tells us exclusively. “She came to Shades [hair salon] wearing dark sunglasses and seemed very withdrawn.”
Despite getting a trim and blow out by co-owner Philip Wolf, which she says is “therapeutic,” our source says Kim still seemed “stressed out” and “preoccupied” when she left the high end salon.

If Kim Kardashian was actually able to feel one iota of shame, I guarantee she’d never leave the house she’d be so busy trying to shower the smell of Ray J’s pee off while yanking out hunks of whale fat through the injection holes in her ass. It’d be a miracle if she had time left to breathe.

Photos: Fame/Flynet, Splash News, WENN