Vogue Cropped Kim Kardashian Out of MET Gala Photos, Still Kept Kanye

Kim Kardashian has been banned for years from the MET Gala, but that was before Kanye West decided to use her as an incubator. So Monday night she was allowed to attend, although apparently begrudgingly because Jezebel points out Vogue.com cropped Kim out of it’s photo gallery (above) but left every other couple intact. Which is a such a sick burn that I’m not even going to attempt to follow it, but instead add this delicious schadenfreude icing of Kim not having a cellphone number for Kanye. Yup. Via Life & Style:

“He doesn’t have a cellphone,” a source tells the new issue of Life & Style, on stands now. “You get in touch with him through email or someone on his team calls you.”

“But, Kanye, we’re getting really close to when the baby is due. Can I please just have a number so I feel better?”
“Tell you what, girl. I’mma do something special for you that I never done for anybody else. Here’s my AIM account. But don’t me telling them other bitches stirring up drama, a’ight?”
“Psyche!” *parachutes out window*

Photos: Splash News, WENN