Vogue Cropped Kim Kardashian Out of MET Gala Photos, Still Kept Kanye

May 9th, 2013 // 50 Comments
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Kim Kardashian has been banned for years from the MET Gala, but that was before Kanye West decided to use her as an incubator. So Monday night she was allowed to attend, although apparently begrudgingly because Jezebel points out Vogue.com cropped Kim out of it’s photo gallery (above) but left every other couple intact. Which is a such a sick burn that I’m not even going to attempt to follow it, but instead add this delicious schadenfreude icing of Kim not having a cellphone number for Kanye. Yup. Via Life & Style:

“He doesn’t have a cellphone,” a source tells the new issue of Life & Style, on stands now. “You get in touch with him through email or someone on his team calls you.”

“But, Kanye, we’re getting really close to when the baby is due. Can I please just have a number so I feel better?”
“Tell you what, girl. I’mma do something special for you that I never done for anybody else. Here’s my AIM account. But don’t me telling them other bitches stirring up drama, a’ight?”
“Psyche!” *parachutes out window*

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  1. Let us all hold our heads high, open our mouths and collectively:

  2. Weeblo

    Wide angle lens problem

  3. grobpilot

    So, I guess he WAS holding her hand or, is he fanning a fart?

  4. bbiowa

    Can she please just start carpooling with Nick Hogan?

  5. The pics took too long to load if they left Kim in them.

  6. Vogue is saying this was an accident. The AutoSofaRemoval Photoshop filter cropped her out unintentionally.

  7. I guess they don’t like fat, smelly Armenian famewhores who wear drapes that make them look like an overstuffed couch either.

  8. elephantman

    What a nice slap in the face! HAHAHA!

  9. Cock Dr

    Fat heads are ok with Ms Wintour but absolutely no fat cow asses are gonna make it into her fashion mag while she’s still propped upright in the chief editor’s chair.

  10. chicka

    I think her picture is in the furniture section.

    • Marie

      There is a head shot of her (Subtle message from Anna?) included in the Met Ball After Party pics on the Vogue website…that must have been Ms Wintour’s compromise to Kanye and his girlfriend (beard/ baby mamma) and her mommager.

    • judy

      Love it! She should hire one of us to critique her clothing selections!

  11. I feel like I should buy a Vogue magazine just because they put the most hateful, awesome burn on this bitch ever. ha ha ha

  12. Fritz Hippler

    I can understand why they cropped pee queen out; what I don’t get is why the invited, much less wanted to photograph, Kanye.

  13. Marie

    Go to the same Vogue website for the Met Ball after part pics and you’ll find there is a picture of Kim K. (head only) looking like she’s watching Kanye on stage. She may have been cropped from the more prominent photo – Ms Wintour had to pacify her annoyed friends – but she still managed to get into the Vogue party photos. And no, I’m NOT a fan…and NO I’m also not a hater or jealous (eye roll).

  14. Sales of Vogue will soar.

  15. Rob

    This “relationship” has me conflicted. On one hand, I hate Kanye West and Kim Kardashian and I also hate that the two of them are producing a pee soaked spawn that can only be the antichrist. On the other hand I absolutely love what an asshole he’s being about the whole thing. From his morose sulking when he has to be seen with her in public, to his basically abandoning her for weeks at a time, and now this precious gem about him “not having a cell” this guy is the ultimate douchebag boyfriend that this vapid sow has always deserved. Everyone has heard a story about the shitty boyfriend who gets a girl pregnant and then wants nothing to do with her but have we ever really seen it played out in such a public forum to such a deserving person? The only way this could be better is if Kanye could somehow find a way to bail and leave her broke.

  16. Cher X

    I think it’s funny that they left her hand in so you could SEE she was purposely cropped out. If they had wanted it not to look that way, they could have cut that part out.

  17. hahahahahaha!!!!!
    but why crop kartrashiass out and leave kanye west in?

  18. rospo

    Never thought I would appreciate Anna Wintour as I do now.

  19. KatrashianHater

    If its true…..I think its hillarious that he does not have a cellphone. There are other storys posted by the Kartrashians that Kim & Kanye are in constant touch and speak frequently by phone. How can that be happening if he has no cellphone??

  20. Jen

    Just another disgusting display of bully behavior. It is classless and catty of them to conduct themselves like that. She has done NOTHING to them, the “holier than thous” that sit in the Vogue offices simply don’t like her; BooHoo!! She was a guest and they should treat her with the same respect as everyone else. All they have done here is show their true colors in regards to bullying and supporting positive self images of women. What good comes from putting yourself on a pedestal and deliberately making other people feel bad about themselves? Classy move Vogue.

    • BeckyStyle

      Hey Jen, do you know “Chata”?

    • Great Jones von Morgue

      “All this chitter-chatter, chitter-chatter, chitter-chatter bout
      Shmatta, shmatta, shmatta — I can’t give it away on 7th avenue
      This towns been wearing tatters
      Work and work for love and sex
      Aint you hungry for success, success, success, success
      Does it matter?”

    • LOLstopit

      Porn stars go to the AVN awards, not that MET gala. And I’m playing the smallest violin in the world – that cow isn’t being bullied, so you can cut that shit right there. The only reason this pissbag is somehow relevant is because she calls the damn paps to take pictures of her blubber.

  21. ace11

    Kim is AWESOME

  22. Does anyone have Anna Wintour’s address? I feel like I owe her a Coke or something.

  23. jus sayin

    I am conflicted (as much as you can be over these people). I have no use for Kim Kardashian or Kanye West, but that photo is cruel, and even though it may not seem like it, she is a vulnerable pregnant human, probably a lot more vulnerable then usual being big and pregnant with a partner who doesn’t seem to give a rats ass about her. I remember my hormones when I was pregnant and she has got to be hurting emotionally. Yeah I know her claim to fame is a sex tape where someone peed on her, but I still feel sorry for her. Now, Kim, if you would like to send me one of your Birkin bags, I will gladly accept it as payment in kind for the potential bashing I am about to get for trying to sympathize with your situation.

    • just sayin

      I agree with you to a certain extent about the cruelty of this photo issue, but she is so intensely disliked for reasons of her own making. She has used people along the way, and if I believe what I have read about her, (because I have never watched any of their shows), she is capable of mocking even a blind, homeless woman. The intensity of disgust people have for this family is getting disturbing. She might want to rethink living in a castle in France. People might want her head.

    • hope you get the bag cuz bringing hormones and pregnancy blah blah blah into it makes me vomit, get real she is making a fortune, no matter what. btw he is gonna dump her before the cord is cut. the commentary is hilarious and true, love it all, you too “just saying”

  24. renzomatic

    You never see Kanye smiling with KK, so since he is smiling in this pic, it, ergo, must be without KK.

  25. Jenn

    I like neither of them. They could’ve cropped his head out too. I’m still laughing though. It’s got nothing to do with her being a giant pregnant cow. Just a greedy fame whore. Bwhahahahaha.

  26. Brooke

    Okay, Vogue. You’re all right.

  27. That’s hilarious.

  28. Zawada3819

    Please, please make her go away. She’s a selfish brat, and it’s insulting she demands even five seconds of our time with her constantly immature, attention-seeking, vapid antics. Move away already, please.

  29. judy

    Been kind of depressed today but after I read this I have been laughing so hard almost peed my pants. The couch got cut!!!!! Now if they would cut the douche canoe it would be perfect! If he is in charge of telling her what to wear then he has no taste and does not belong at anything pertaining to fashion!!!!

  30. Kim Kardashian Giant Cleavage Pregnant Belly LAX
    Commented on this photo:

    she actually looks really good here.

  31. Kim Kardashian Giant Cleavage Pregnant Belly LAX
    Hung Lo
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