Kim Kardashian Couldn’t Decide

Kim Kardashian couldn’t decide what to wear to Heidi Klum’s Halloween party, so like a good attention whore, she posted slutty pictures of herself to Twitter for her fans to help her pick. Their options were:

Cheetah Woman – with a giant ass.
Chesty Pirate – with a giant ass.
Queen of Hearts – with a giant ass.
And Little Red Hiding Hood – with a giant ass.

Kim ended up going with Little Red Riding Hood which, in her defense, is the exact outfit I’d choose if I couldn’t manipulate the environment my gigantic ass was being photographed in. Sure, she could’ve hit the gym and looked awesome in the Cheetah one, but then again, the mere thought of physical effort is practically Kryptonite to the Kardashians. I hear Khloe hides behind a lead shield and starts cursing out Lex Luthor whenever Lamar asks her to walk a dish over to the sink. “Can’t we just buy a new house with clean dishes in it? You’ve gone mad, Luthor! *wookiee moan*

Photos: Getty, Twitter