‘Please, Just Let Me Walk To My Car With My Tits And My Baby’

“Guys, please, it’s just my tits and my baby. There’s nothing to see here but my tits. And my baby. Just let me- Guys! I don’t know how you knew I’d be walking out at this exact time, in this exact outfit, with my tits and my baby. Can you get out of- my tits and my baby need to get in the car! Seriously! There is absolutely nothing happening here except my tits and my baby. There’s no need for- *puts North in the car* Okay, who got the nipple shot? Anybody? Nobody? Nobody got the nipple shot? I walk out here with my tits and my baby, and not one of you gets the nipple shot? Goddammit. *takes out phone* Mom, you’ll never believe what these idiots- you already know? Kendall’s on it? Ohthankgod. *hangs up* That’s the last time you fucking shitheads shoot my tits and my baby. I’m remembering your faces. Don’t think I won’t.”

Photos: Fame/Flynet, INFphoto, Pacific Coast News, Splash News