Kim Kardashian is Still Cleavagey

April 28th, 2011 // 63 Comments

Because we’ve already posted one pseudo-celebrity solely because of her cleavage (It all makes sense now, doesn’t it?), here’s Kim Kardashian walking hers down to the nail salon where she apparently waved it in front of all the Asian help. The poor bastards probably go home and frighten their families with tales of how cheap Godzilla is along with being surprisingly hairy. “It no leave tip and sat on Trang. He dead now. Doctors no fix him. ‘Too squished,’ they say.”

Photos: INFdaily, Splash News, WENN


  1. Nice Mr.T chain sucka.

  2. Shaka

    I have no clue what the hell you are talking about??

  3. RoboZombie

    HA! Look at that fat-assed zebra walking on its hind legs!

  4. CC

    And a disgusting giant ass. Nasty Bitch!

  5. SATAN

    she’s borderline perfect from the hips up, but as she gets older, her ass is becoming just WAY TOO BIG and it aint gonna get any smaller…

  6. Kim Kardashian Cleavage
    Commented on this photo:

    Nice chin, horse face. I see she got the standard Hollywood chin extension like all the rest of the plastic surgery addicts out there.

  7. anonymoose

    Those long square-edged nasty toenails look like they will hurt somebody.

  8. Kim Kardashian Cleavage
    DOucHe BaGELs
    Commented on this photo:

    Two in the pink and one in the…….fuck that, just two in the stink!!

  9. Rancid

    Does she get a facial along with her nails? If so, does some Vietnamese dude show up and piss on her face?

  10. JC

    Does she think that making her head appear as tall as possible will help balance out her proportions? Because….no.

  11. This girl needs to sit down and stop thinking we care about her!! Come visit my blog!

  12. Jill

    Isn’t this the Kardashian that did the pee video?

  13. suck it

    This bitch is always at the friggin’ nail salon! I understand she is a celebrity and has to look good, but I can’t think of anyone else who gets photographed going to the nail salon every other day…. Oh wait, she is Kim K and calls the paps every time she does a mundane errand or takes a shit. Lame.

    • Calling her a celebrity may be a bit of a stretch (kinda like what’s going on with the back of her dress). I remember a glorious golden age where being a celebrity meant you had some kind of talent. Acting, singing, dancing, athleti… um… atheleting(?)

  14. Bucky Barnes

    Kim: “Do these stripes make my ass look big?”

  15. Kim Kardashian Cleavage
    Commented on this photo:

    “When I wipe, I use the claw!”

  16. Mia

    That dress is so tight it clings to her and shows her pooch. Nobody noticed that?? Nasty!

  17. just say'n

    I don’t care what she does, unless its more video of black guys peeing on her.

  18. when i quickly glanced at the pic i thought it was the kourtney, the hotter kardashian. then i saw the down-syndrome-esque mouth and i said to myself, “wait a shit…that’s kim (the wiz) kardashian.”

  19. another thought…anytime i seen this worthless, toilet mangler, i’m reminded that her farts must have to travel through a thick mane of armanian anal fur before they ever see the light of day.

  20. Clarence Beeks

    I hate her, but I must admit she looks good here.

    I also HATE long toenails. I cut mine or get a pedi as soon as the nail reaches the top of my skin.

  21. Those horizontal stripes make her ass look big.

  22. Kunta Kinte


  23. See Alice

    Rikishi Phatu in drag !

  24. Jamie Lynn's Uterus

    Yup, still cleavagey, still fat, still a piss whore.

  25. biggestfan #960072231

    funny, that one – thanks! (godzirra, godzirra!!)…

  26. Kim Kardashian Cleavage
    Commented on this photo:

    I like how in pic 13 she put a towel on her lap playing all shy and ingénue – as if she didnt become famous by exposing her c*nt to the whole world….

  27. Kim Kardashian Cleavage
    Commented on this photo:

    Imagine the size of the logs that come out of that thing. Be an interesting contest between her, J Lo, and Beyonce.

    Just a damned shame. All three are pretty decent otherwise.

    • Lumpy McLumps

      Lipo is miraculous! But that will not save all the poor toilet seats waiting to be violated. Will someone pleeeease think of the poor unfortunate toilet seats!??

  28. Kim Kardashian Cleavage
    Commented on this photo:

    I wonder if she beeps going forward as well as back.

  29. ghost

    Don’t the stripes on her dress have to be running the other way to make her look slimmer? Although a sensible diet and exercise could, in theory, also make her look slimmer.

  30. The Critical Crassness

    You guys are horrible….it’s just a bad camera angle and strange fitting shirt. Yeah, that’s it! The camera angle was bad because it was pointed at her, not away from her!

  31. the captain

    …………….halleluja kim.

  32. little ol' me

    wonder if RayJ ever got a Stink Face from her.

    • homesickabortion

      more likely he got a sinus infection from all the shit covered hair that got up his nose when he motorboated her ass.

  33. Anya

    This anal wart has nothing better to do than get her nails done every damn day. That’s what happens when you have no job besides being a useless fame whore.

  34. Mommy

    This is such a stupid article. Can anyone be honest here? I do not personally know anyone as pretty as Kim Kardashian. I also believe it is her mother calling the paps.

    • homesickabortion

      i personally know at least four girls prettier than her. and considering the amount of time and effort that goes into removing the hair from her back/cleavage, can anyone say high maintenance?

  35. Kim Kardashian Cleavage
    Commented on this photo:

    There is something almost hypnotic about the way the lines warp as it goes across that ass. Its like if you could see the time space continuum being bent as it passes near a black hole…uhmmm

  36. Noel

    “It no leave tip and sat on Trang. He dead now. Doctors no fix him. ‘Too squished,’ they say.”

    jesus baby f*cking christ…i hate saying “LOL” but i seriously LAUGHED OUT LOUD.


  37. Kim Kardashian Cleavage
    Commented on this photo:

    Those stripes are so slimming. It looks like her ass only requires 2 ZIP codes, not the usual 3.

  38. Porky

    Her eyebrows are like 2″ above her eyes and yet she still has a huge forehead showing. She needs to call hairclub and get that fixed. They can just glue the hair to the plastic skin. Believe it or not, I’m almost sure I can smell her whenever I see a photo of her.

  39. Duke Steele

    …and douchebaggy.

  40. Kim Kardashian Cleavage
    aniamalu jennifer
    Commented on this photo:

    is her booty and boobs 4 real? NO,they are actually fake and not original. Beyonce is curvy bt doesnt hv dt booty as sexy j.lo. Hers is real.

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