Kim Kardashian’s Cleavage Went To The Lakers Game

“Girl, your titties are so big, I ain’t even thinkin’ ’bout Matt Lauer.”

Because pretending to date Kanye West couldn’t possibly be enough publicity, Kim Kardashian reminded everyone she has giant breasts at Saturday’s Lakers game by constantly leaning forward and making sure the paparazzi could aim their cameras right into her cleavage which would inevitably find its way onto the Internet because bloggers are lonely, predictable horndogs who will do anything to avoid re-entering a workforce that demands pants and/or human interaction. That or Kanye knew producer Joel Silver would be there and told her to work them titties to make him the new Matrix. “Ooh, and do the blowjob face. Yeah, the blowjob face. But in bullet time. Be all like, ‘Oh, no, these bullets are too fast. Joooeeell… I’ll succck… your… diicccckkkkk…'” (Spoiler Alert: She nailed it.)

Photos: Getty, Splash News