Kim Kardashian Can’t Believe Casey Anthony Is Not Guilty. Let That Sink In.

July 5th, 2011 // 126 Comments

Welcome to the most ironic tweet in the history of Twitter:

WHAT!!!!???!!!! CASEY ANTHONY FOUND NOT GUILTY!!!! I am speechless!!!

That would be Kim Kardashian whose father Robert Kardashian was part of the legal team that famously helped O.J. Simpson beat two murder charges in a case that is now widely being compared to the Casey Anthony trial by sane adults who aren’t epic ass-mountains of famewhore dumb. Isn’t Nicole Brown’s sister a white woman? I hear they’re letting them off for murder these days. Just throwing that out there.

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  1. Kris

    This is the same person who couldn’t spell the name of her “hero” correctly. Nothing she says should be taken seriously.

  2. Soviet Snow

    I can’t believe Fat Ass gave a shit about anyone else!

  3. Art Linkletter

    I was, as you pointed out, Robert Kardashian, not Kim, on OJ’s defense team. Why blame Kim for the sins of her father? She’s just observing what we all are re: the Casey Anthony verdict.

    • I completely agree. Why come down on someone who has worked so hard to bring honor back to a name that was once synonymous with getting a double murderer acquitted? #TeamHomemadePorn!

      • bitingontinfoil

        “worked so hard to bring honor back to (her) name”??? Whhhhaaaa? By being pissed on in a home-made porn vid, the mom spreading her legs for playgirl, and starring is a shitty reality show? Yup – done daddy proud!

      • ranD

        i dont think the guy below this got your sarcasm.

    • Winters

      Yeah, Robert was the one on OJ’s defense, but Kim didn’t seem to have a problem with spending the money/having the money spent on her.

      • Clarence Beeks

        She ALWAYS talks about her Dad being her “hero”, so yes, I BLAME KIM.

      • Art Linkletter

        Read up on the OJ case and Robert Kardashian’s involvement. At that time, he’d let his law license lapse, so he did had it reinstated just so he could sit on the OJ defense team. He was hardly an integral part of it as were Cochran and Shapiro. And after the trial, he and OJ parted ways, I believe, largely because Kardashian changed his view about OJ’s guilt. Then again, it’s a hell of a lot easier just to slam Kim for stating an opinion.

      • Drew

        Something tells me Art is new to the world of pop culture.

        If you don’t think people are going to latch onto the obvious irony of a Kardashian (who knows full well of her fathers involvement in the OJ case, and society’s opinion of the outcome), you’re pretty fucking naive.

      • Art Linkletter

        What makes you think I’m new to pop culture, Drew? Is it my knowledge of the Kardashians? You really are stupid. I’m not new to anything, just don’t like to hear the same ignorant bullshit from cocksuckers such as yourself.

      • Blech

        But Art! Kim has sucked way, way, way, way, way, way, way more cocks than we’ll ever suck. She’s kinda like the Queen of Cocksuckage and the Great Recipient of Urine Streams, I guess.

        In any case, you said “cocksuckers”, not me.

    • kimberlyther

      i agree….wut kims father did by representin oj is not kims fault ……if somones dad is a pedifile that likes lil kids does that make the child of the pedifile one 2??NO!!! kim obviosly has a heart if yall stop lookin at the paparazis info n look into who n wut shes about u probably would think; differently of her she help with a lot of noble causes….so waste ur time on; someone else that really is a piece of shit not kim….

      • Dead Robert Kardassian

        Could you please take a remedial English language course before posting again ?
        Ebonics is difficult for for English – speaking folks to understand

      • chanee

        Stop idolizing this slut and take your ass back to school!

      • Clarence Beeks

        Has anyone else noticed the defenders of Kim, Paris, Lohan and Britney cannot spell for shit? Or make a comprehensible sentence? THAT is their fan base.

      • 123

        White people can be so mean and racist even against their own. Now that Casey is found not guilty. I hope they will never bring O.J. up again. Kim was a little girl or teenager at the time. Stop hating on her.

    • T.

      I agree with. O.J. happen 15 or 20 years ago. Time to move on people. STFU about O.J.

  4. Kim Kardashian Casey Anthony Verdict Twitter
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    She is such a useless cunt.

  5. Venom

    Can we send Casey to go party with her and a bottle of chloroform?

  6. Kim Kardashian Casey Anthony Verdict Twitter
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    The delirious pointing out the obvious to the populous… even! Exit stage left.

  7. JA

    She looks like James Earl Jones in “Conan The Barbarian”.

  8. Ah, excellent. The savvy and erudite pinnacle of legal knowledge, Kim Kardashian, weighs in on the shortcomings of the Florida justice system. It’s amazing the depth of legal understanding you can get with a high school degree.

  9. Grace

    UGH! Not an original comment but just STFU, already.

  10. Trent Wesley -Tarelot

    I would approximate her IQ with her bra size , so roughly an IQ of 40 or so . This make her hardly sentient , much less a legal expert .

    • Kim is just smart enough to keep a vagina alive…therefore fulfilling her darwinian obligation to human society. Turning on a video camera was just icing on the cake.

      • Trent Wesley -Tarelot

        Who was the young gentleman that so artfully deposited his unwanted urine on or in her ?
        He seems like a chap that knows quite how to complement her contribution to society

    • Billy Rubin

      IQ of a bag of hammers

      • Hugh Beaumont

        It has been said that it takes her 2 hours to watch 60 Minutes

      • Bernard Goldbloom

        She has ADHD, and cannot focus on more than one thing at a time, and then for a short time , like how long it takes to get pissed on

    • Sin

      Now if you went by her ass size, her I.Q. would be about 80.

      • Grant Schaeffer

        And if she had this mythical IQ , she would still be below the level by which she would be self – aware .

        Narcissists believe that you and I exist to complete their world . We only exist in the context that we somehow serve their ego

  11. JC

    This photo captures exactly what happens when Kim tries to think: her eyes go glassy, her mouth hangs open, and she starts to drool.

  12. Richard McBeef

    Well if KK thinks she was guilty, then I’m pretty sure the jury did the right thing.

  13. Trent Wesley -Tarelot

    Quite ironic that this erudite young lady does not see the parallel to her own family’s involvement in the OJ Simpson case . Perhaps it slipped her mind monetarily as she passed by a mirror

    • Burt

      Maybe she’s well aware of it and so that is why she’s making the statement (forget the fact that her father dropped out from OJ’s defense).

      • Elihu Tarelton

        Apparently , he was paid handsomely. Quite the moral dilemma, to get paid to help a murderer escape justice , then to have this spawn with only a smattering of sense of her own history blab a judgement on some failed creature .
        ” Families are always rising and falling in America”
        Nathaniel Hawthorne

        Guess which way this one is going ?

      • Grant Schaeffer

        Dropped out or was moved aside ?
        Kardassians have unclean hands with respect to two dead human beings .
        It is ironic that this self – absorbed , vapid , superficial human being has an opinion when her family was crucial in getting OJ off from a double murder .She is an under – educated piss bimbo with the critical thinking skills of an artichoke

  14. Ed

    Wow, talk about not knowing when it would be best to keep your mouth shut….

  15. I’m sure she can’t believe it’s not butter either.

  16. AT

    someone tell the bitch to stfu and focus on getting the butt pad placed properly next time.

  17. Kim Kardashian Casey Anthony Verdict Twitter
    Commented on this photo:

    I’m pretttttttty sure the jurors know a little more about this case than Kim does (or any of you reading this do). I’m sure we’ll find out in the coming days or weeks why they found her not guilty. I’m well aware that every media story made it look like Casey was guilty, but that’s what they do best. That’s why you have to find jurors who haven’t been contaminated by the media stories.

  18. LJ

    Not only was Kim’s father O.J.’s lawyer, but his personal friend as well.

    It was Robert Kardashian who talked O.J. out of killing himself in the Kardashian house, before the car chase took place.

    If Robert Kardasian had kept his mouth shut we would know Kim as the girl in whose bedroom OJ blew his brains out.

  19. Clarence Beeks

    ….and I can’t believe you still try and convince people your face is natural. Talk about hilarious.

  20. rican

    Fish, come on, don’t perpetuate her existence!

  21. zomgbie

    oh the ironyanity!!!!!!!

  22. Kim Kardashian Casey Anthony Verdict Twitter
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    Heavens to murgatroyde! Max is so serious…even.

  23. Kim Kardashian Casey Anthony Verdict Twitter
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    And this revelation is surprising how? Simply put… Kim, STFU, were you in the courtroom every day? Did you hear every bit of testimony? I didn’t think so you pinhead!

  24. RhoyaleGold

    the kardashians….getting black men off since 1995. #justsayin -_-

  25. Andy

    That’s our new legal expert, Next financial tips from Lindsey Lohan followed by our expert traffic reporter, Paris Hilton.

  26. Proud atheist

    So I guess all you bitches think Casey Anthony really is innocent?

    • Julianna B

      THANK YOU!!!!!!! I totally think Casey Anthony got away with murder!

    • Issac Gargoyn

      She was tried and found not guilty . That’s how the American Justice system works . I don’t know if she’s guilty or innocent .
      Maybe she dodged a lethal injection unjustly. She has to live with herself in any case , and that may prove to be a more painful punishment than death

  27. Casey Anthony

    I would appreciate it if you all can just shut up and leave me alone! I do not know what happened to my daughter ok so DROP IT

  28. ash cash

    Umm Rob Kardashian senior was NOT the lawyer who got OJ off..that was Jonhnny Cocharan (sp. chck). Their father was a good friend of OJ but the friendship ended once the murder happened..

  29. Deanna

    @ash cash… Check your facts, Robert Kardashian Sr. was indeed on OJ’s defense team and helped him beat 2 murder charges.

    As for the Kardashian sisters, expressing shock over this case is a joke. Their father was a lawyer who defended OJ, whose case was also very circumstantial, much like the Anthony case. Though we all know that Casey and OJ are guilty, the evidence was not enough to convict. I saw this verdict coming from a mile away. Be angry at the prosecution, be angry that a innocent lil baby died, but for the love of God people, stop acting so shocked over this verdict.

    • Dead Johnny Cockring

      Yeah , I and Robert got that dumb bastard off after killing two people ! Now whose the best lawyer for black people beating a murder beef ?

      I am !
      Sent directly from Hell

    • G.

      You know O.J. happen 15 or 17 years ago.

  30. Jamie Lynn's Uterus

    She actually had a thought, outside of herself? Wow.

  31. Tammie

    Com on man.

  32. Julianna B

    Man I can’t believe how hateful you all are! You all just want to bash KK. Heaven forbid that she might actually be smart and intellectual! Love you KK

    • AT

      hahah total fkn troll

    • Rachael

      Thank you Julianna! Jealousy is a disease. What this chick does in her personal life or on reality tv isn’t harming anyone, so why do people hate her so much???

      • I disagree and would argue that her actions do in fact represent a threat – if not active, then at least passive – to our society. She perpetuates a completely narcissistic lifestyle and is totally self-absorbed. Maybe I haven’t done enough reading and research, but I can only recall one instance where she supported some charitable cause or other by not Tweeting for, what was it? Three days? Glamourizing a life where you exist only to serve yourself, and moreover publicizing and promoting it, works against a healthy and productive society. If nobody thought of anyone but themselves, what kind of world would we live in?

        And besides, she’s a fucking annoying bag of douche.

    • rough was not in Malibu over the weekend

      Dont care for KK at all but she built this website. Now Peter Linkage is being groomed.

      • Blech

        The Kardashians are nothing but a bunch of whiny tramps. All three of them, one fatter than the other. Period.

      • Rachael


        She only harms the part of society thats laughably influenced by her and her family and if you have kids and they are being influenced by anything Kim K does than you should do your kids a favor and call DYFS.
        Our society is full of narcisissm and glorified sociopaths. If your gonna be mad at Kim K than be mad at EVERY other celebrity. In fact you should go ahead and sell your tv. Throw out those music CD’s and never go see a movie. WTH do you think the entertainment industry is built upon anyway?

    • Issac Gargoyne

      Funny , I can’t seem to come up with a list of her accomplishments outside of piss bitch and exhibitionistic whore . Is there any actual evidence she has any sort of functioning brain and that she spends any amount of time thinking?

  33. McPedro Gonzales

    She can’t believe the verdict, and I can’t believe this no-talent attention whore known for her fat ass and banging black dudes has attained any kind of celeb status. When is this obnoxious ho’s 15min gonna be up?

  34. bahaha

    well on the bright side i hope she remains in this state of speechlessness for a really long time

  35. Rachael

    You people are Godless. As if the chick can’t have an opinion like everybody else. Jermaine Dupre and Tahiry Jose had the same opinions- as did the majority of Americans. SMH

    • Blech

      God sucks. And he always needs praise and money. Damn freeloading narcissist.

    • Elihu Tarelton

      She can have an opinion. It is the paragon of irony that she doesn’t see the parallel to her own family , that Daddy took OJ’s millions so he could get off . She lives in a big glass house and she feels entitled to throw stones . She spent Daddy’s money on clothes and vacations and cars so some punk could piss on her , and now she has an opinion?
      She has the intelligence of a dormant mushroom to start , and she doesn’t spend much time improving her “brain “, just time expanding her ass.

  36. C’mon Kim. No one will ever believe that you’re 25 years old.

  37. Blech

    Know what I can’t believe?

    I can’t believe this bitch ain’t butter!

  38. the captain

    she is part of the family who appear to be racists, homosexuals and cows?

  39. Perry Mason

    As an attorney, I can emphatically assure you that Kim is a dumb cunt .

  40. Kim Kardashian Casey Anthony Verdict Twitter
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    Yep….imagine that! Whaddaya wanna bet the ghost of her DAD was on the defense team!! What a fucking useless tool…..

  41. Kim Kardashian Casey Anthony Verdict Twitter
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    Insert big black cock here —–>

    • Andrea

      I came down to the comment section after seeing this pick because i bet someone else was thinking the same thing i was lol

  42. Kim Kardashian Casey Anthony Verdict Twitter
    Commented on this photo:

    I can just see the little thought bubble above her head…… Oh Yeah!! DAD! duh…

  43. Kelly

    Yeah move over Kim the tabloid magazines have a new queen b to write about and it aint you.

  44. Lammi

    Kim needs to shut the fuck up
    her family let OJ get away and she is probably happy this casey bitch got away
    she needs to shut her mouth and pop those fake ass implants

  45. Jon

    America America America..

  46. BenDoverman

    I see the new Kim K Realdolls are looking saweeeet! Where can I pre-order? Does it come with cleaning kit? I have a feeling she’s going to get pissed on regularly. It might piss her off.

  47. wildfungus

    you know what else I heard you guys? OJ Simpson, totally killed his wife. what is the world coming to.

    • ABC

      When will white folks stop talking about O.J.? He’s in prison for 33 years and you guys are still bitter. You guys are still not happy. O.J. will probably die in prison. He’s one black guy who supposdley got away with murder out of millions of whites who killed black folks.

  48. wishbone

    She must have heard about the verdict on the news because we all know she can’t read.

  49. Freebie

    I don’t care for any of the Kardashians. They are all greedy money hungry people. But, considering Kim alone made over $13 million last year, there are some people who must adore her and her family. I used to like the “E” channel, but nowadays it should be called the “K” channel. Everytime I check to see what’s on, its a Kardashian show. Why do people watch these shows?

  50. CantFixStupid

    Hey Kim, STFU you stupid ass-wipe, what do you know about the whole trial BITCH!!

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