Kim Kardashian X-Rayed Her Butt

June 24th, 2011 // 214 Comments

Here’s Kim Kardashian standing next to an X-ray photo of her ass, or at least that’s what’s Khloe Kardashian said it is on her blog, so you can tell we’re off to a credible start:

Hey dolls. The PROOF is in the X-ray. Kim’s ass is 100% real!!!

My immediate thoughts:

2. Provided this really is Kim’s ass – Remember, the truth is always the exact opposite of what a Kardashian tells you. – what doctor in their right mind would’ve exposed that thing to radiation? (Answer: One who wants to awaken Gamera, that’s who.)
3. If Khloe lowered the resolution even more to hide the fact this is a side view of a testicle, would it erase the existence of Kim’s sex tape? Because I like to believe they tried.

In the pursuit of science, I added a buttload of photos showcasing the crevasse Kim Kardashian calls an ass so you guys can draw your own conclusions on whether or not it’s chock-full o’ implant. On that note, here’s a helpful hint to get you started: Yup.

Photos: Fame, Getty, INFdaily, Playboy, Splash News


  1. eliz

    Why cant it be that she had lipo every else so the fat just accumulated in her butt fat cells and boobs?

  2. ohhh kayyy

    of course it’s real, who on earth would have such a horrendous procedure on their butt.

  3. heather

    sure, because some place is going to let you Xray your ass for no reason at all…

  4. sven oljaski

    Hey, I’m glad that everyone in the country is retarded. xray? Really? Think about that a bit more… An X-ray is not going to reveal anything. They will need to do an MRI. There is nothing that an xray is really going to refract on for it to show proof. MRI is required. She should reveal all the slides then.
    Of course it’s all stupid anyway.

  5. Kim Kardashian Butt Implants X-Ray Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    oh man oh man! i would still stick my d*** in that ass.. haha!

  6. Tasha

    Everyone saying kims ass is fake haha, stfu your just jealous cause your ass isnt naturally that big ;)

  7. Christine D.

    Why is it anyone’s business if Kim has implants or not! She looks good and her body looks great!
    I don’t have any plastic surgery but I don’t see anything wrong with it!
    It sounds to me, like some people need to worry about their own life’s instead of someone else’s!

  8. Kim Kardashian Butt Implants X-Ray Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Idk, I wanna say that it’s fake… but if it were implants she wouldnt be able to do that (or you could basically just be able to see the implant from the position she is in)

  9. Kourtney

    Kim has but injections so of course you didnt see any lumps in the xray

  10. Albert estrada

    I saw that episode , seems true always thought it was fake hah guess u really work that ass out lol well now I no it’s real , and now hopefully the haters see this and no your butts real.

  11. david

    You Have a natural ass it is a hot ass. I wood totally lick that ass. and that would totally proved everyone that you have a natural hot ass.

  12. Kim Kardashian Butt Implants X-Ray Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Yeah, looks definitely real to me. Lol what the hell! Joking! Her butt doesn’t look real. I mean seriously whoever has an ass like that? I mean yeah some people have big butts but Kim’s butt looks so unnatural. I don’t even know. Even Beyonce’s butt looks 100% better than hers.

  13. Travy

    Dude yu are an retard… Yu sed that it was a testicle??? Shutup you sound dumb!! But anyway I think her ass is totally real I mean if her ass was fake why should it be our problem…people always wanna blog about something dumb

  14. Hateisasicknessgettreated


  15. Kim Kardashian Butt Implants X-Ray Bikini
    Mz. Terry
    Commented on this photo:

    That ass aint real, look at the lines under her ass on this bikini pic. they are not natural …. Neither does that ass shot match the ass shot when she was was naked top and black c through panties with her back turned. NOW THATS HER REAL ASS!!!

  16. kiana

    i think you guys shouldnt be so harsh on kim kardashian shes a person like us. i bet if i was a celeberatie i would get tired of all of you and this nonsence in a second! its funny what people do just to get publicity and im pretty sure you guys wouldnt like paprazie taking pics of your butt constintly. so stop hating on her your just jelouse that she probably has a bigger butt then yuh that is real not fake(: thanks……

  17. Kim Kardashian Butt Implants X-Ray Bikini
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    i would stick my tongue in her asshole and my cock…yumm

  18. Lalay

    I already new that was reall kim is likee hot & short !!!!!!!

  19. Kim Kardashian Butt Implants X-Ray Bikini
    ashley ingram
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    look at the mans eyes in this pic, he is staring at her boobs and taking the pic while she is busy looking at the camera.

  20. nathalie

    I like ur show is nice about Khloe have a good things that she saids what she things about u or the people that she don’t like u. Kim ass is 100% true.

  21. Haters

    I just think that everyone is just hatin! I think her butt is real! I dont know y she pays so much attention to what other people say!

  22. Kim Kardashian Butt Implants X-Ray Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    x ray dont mean shit if she had injections duh………..

  23. junebaby75

    Don’t hate people on Kim’s ass she proved it, IT’S REAL YOU GO DOLL

  24. Sandy

    Lmao!! how much did Kim pay her doctor for that fake X-ray????

    J.Lo an Selena’s butt, now those are real big butts ;)

  25. Sandy

    “Baby, Fuck me hard until you come” lmao!!!!!!

  26. Berjeline

    I saw de episode were klhoe was teasing Kim becaz of her non to-be fake ass

  27. tiffany snow

    goodjob,you got that

  28. Jim

    This is so stupid. I will just take her word for it her butt is real.

    “what doctor in their right mind would’ve exposed that thing to radiation?”

    Yeah like what doctor in their right mind would allow and participate someone to use drugs that should only be used in a hospital just because a celebrity has problems sleeping. Oh wait?

    They could be fake but shoule people really care? Kim Kardashian butt is her business is it not?

  29. Julio

    Now I believe it…at first I thought it was fake…can I get ur number

  30. cucaaaaa

    her ass IS real. theres an episode were she goes to the doctors and it shows all that crap, it IS real. if it was fake she wouldnt lie about it, because theres no point. kourtney has breast implants and shes not hiding it. kim wouldnt either. she just has a big ass.

  31. Amy

    Haha, she still looks good though! Amy, How to lose muffin top

  32. Amy

    Great collection of photos too.

  33. Kim Kardashian Butt Implants X-Ray Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    thattt asssssss

  34. Kim Kardashian Butt Implants X-Ray Bikini
    Nicole Smith
    Commented on this photo:

    Stupid whore

  35. Kim Kardashian Butt Implants X-Ray Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    I’m straight but I think Kim is hot. I’d love to that ass sitting on the toilet.

  36. Kim Kardashian Butt Implants X-Ray Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    She makes me wish I was a man. Damn you so hot girl!

  37. Kim Kardashian Butt Implants X-Ray Bikini
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  38. Kim Kardashian Butt Implants X-Ray Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    eeeewww so fake. imbalanced. fake lips too.

  39. Mikey

    At last we get a very attractive Rubenesque woman & not a woman built like a 13 yo boy & all people can do is mock her. I for one think she is beautiful butt & all

  40. meme

    theres a thing called fat injections, it doesn’t necessarily have to be implants, theres no way her ass can get that big in such a small time, yeah it can get lifted with exercise, but it cant get 10 times bubblier

  41. Gabby

    People Juss Bee Jealous Of Your Ass:)

  42. reeswana

    I believe that it is real if it wasn’t I don’t think she would be afraid to admit it because she had botox once and she did not deny it, honestly though there’s no need to be jealous

    • jasmine

      she said she doesnt have any surgerys but even her nose is fake look at her before and after pictures ,she has butt fat injections ,,theres pictures of her before she was famous and her ass was flat

  43. Carmxxx

    It’s still obvious her ass is fake and I can tell the ass implant is blurred out real xrays doesn’t even look like that per. Xray dr..

  44. jasmine

    She doesnt have implants,she has butt fat injections,and that ex ray is fake when she took the ex ray she was wearing a watch and the first thing a doctor does when taking an ex ray is remove your jewels,kims ass is faker than michael jacksons skin color

  45. Andy kingz

    Kim I so much love your ass that when ever I think of it, I feel as if am on it taken a ride to heaven trust me your ass is 100% real… wishing for the day I will lay my hands on it, better still my dick’ love you kim

  46. molly:)

    no wonder why everyone hates her cuz she has a BIG ASS BUTT!!!!

  47. Kim Kardashian Butt Implants X-Ray Bikini
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  48. Kim Kardashian Butt Implants X-Ray Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    you would have to be almost completlley blind to believe that pic isnt photoshoped xxxx

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