Kim Kardashian’s Ass Is Back

October 17th, 2013 // 108 Comments

After North West was born, Kim Kardashian went into hiding for three months where it was just assumed she was getting liposuction which turned out to be wrong. But thanks to the whore-rich fields of Instagram, I can now safely say she spent that entire time getting her ass resculpted by a crack team – *reaches for razor blades* – of architects and civil engineers. Not unlike the Freedom Tower because, yes, I’m equating pregnancy with terrorism. Someone has to in this world that’s turned its back on God. FREEMASONS!

(Is that not what we’re doing now when we’re completely sick of something? I can’t keep track of these fads.)


Kim Kardashian Butt Instagram Swimsuit Post-Pregnancy

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Photos: Instagram / Fame/Flynet, INFphoto,Splash News, WENN


  1. Pretty face but good lord NO.

    • Mike

      Her body is disgusting

      • walt

        You’re an idiot. I highly dislike KK but she is hot.

      • Convex

        No, YOU’RE the idiot. There is nothing hot about a much-used, huge-assed piss whore. Raise your standards, man!

      • If you think Kim Fatassian is hot the only motherfucker in this whole universe dumber than you is your morbidly obese mom.

      • She’s a terrible fucking human being, but if that body were attached to a decent person, I’d bang the ever-loving-shit out of her.

      • mark

        exactly. her ass is absolutely fucking repugnant looking. the stench that must erupt from that tumorous deformity must be absolutely abominable. and yet, millions of dumb, ghetto-behaved gangsta nitwits out there love to speak (or rap) about their attraction to women who look like they’ve just filled their adult diapers with an utterly massive load. is the stench of poop a turn-on in the ghetto?

  2. dirtdog

    a pig cunt.

  3. FattyFatty2X4

    Time to make the donuts.

  4. The Most Interesting

    Just think of the man-hours it took to lube that thing up and stuff into that suit.

    And ‘shop the hell out of it.

    • Time and effort that could have been better spent digging holes and filling them back up.

    • gigi

      Yeah im surprised most ppl havent noticed that its photoshopped. It looks like its about to explode which is always a sign that someone went a too happy with the smudge and blur tool on photoshop

  5. Hey Fella, Are You George Zimmerman?

    Hey, when you’re in Kris Jenner’s stable, you get that fat ass back on the street ASAP or it’s the belt, whore.

  6. I totally would and I’d let Kanye watch.

  7. Hugh G. Rection

    Wow, I didn’t realize the iphone’s camera had a wide angle lens.

  8. mrfknhappy

    That is one looooong ass crack, how gross. No way this bitch can keep that huge ass clean. Filthy pig

  9. I wonder how many STDs she’s gotten in her lifetime of taking dick from hip hop stars

    • Louis Rukeyser: Nude!

      You’re forgetting all the sports ‘stars’ too. Well, when shit starts to medically go down the toilet as the result of super-antibiotic resistant strains of diseases getting out of hand, remember this picture. That ass is probably Ground Zero.

  10. LilaJoy

    Haters. She’s damn hot! And the side boob… and the curves… goddamn!

  11. robb7

    She’s blurred the lines for me. She now looks like a black woman trying to be white with the butt, spray tan and the blonde hair. Oh, that bean bag butt needs to be covered.

  12. vandal


  13. vandal

    That is one HUGE turd cutter.

  14. Griefer

    No cottage cheese on ass and legs that big? Lot of photo shop involved there.

  15. Correction: Her obscenely huge, fat-injected, vile ass is back. Trying to keep breakfast down through a grim act of will. MOO.

  16. Cock Dr

    Lord a mercy that’s a big ‘un!
    I would never let her sit in Grammy’s antique rocking chair…unless I quickly needed some kindling wood.

  17. Josephus

    Anyone else notice that the divider thing on the left looks exactly like the ones you see in the background of almost every porn scene?

  18. brian

    OMG I would give almost anything to even taste that ass.

    • Louis Rukeyser: Nude!

      Mmm, that’s tasty syphilis…

    • When disease spreads through the fecal-oral route, it means that contaminated feces from an infected person is somehow ingested by another person. Or in brian’s case, fellating a cow. Eat up, brian. Then please go out of city limits to die.

    • can’t give your brain or your soul, you fucking idiot, because you obviously have neither. Can’t give a freebie from your mom because she has to pay hobos to fuck her.

  19. ruckus

    That’s no moon…

  20. noone

    Not cute. Make it stop.

  21. Kim Kardashian Clevage Huge Butt Tight Dress DASH Store
    Commented on this photo:

    Anybody thinks that’s a nice body needs their head examined.

  22. George P Burdell

    I need proof of life: a newspaper headline, a ball game in the background, something to let me know how long this Photoshop job took.

  23. George P Burdell

    Can someone get Jessica Simpson’s people on the line? This challenge must be answered!

  24. Ass doesnt even look natural. faker than a 3 dollar bill.

  25. Minky Wail

    Obviously taken in one of those slanted optical illusion rooms where an object – room divider – appears larger than another – ass – when both are actually the same size.

  26. Wow. Her daughter will be so proud. Don’t we all wish our mothers did this?

  27. Mama Pinkus

    ugh that is just GROSS

  28. inkydinky

    what a pig whore. that hair dye job is hideous. she is hideous and so is kanye. i feel sorry for their child.

  29. Kim Kardashian Clevage Huge Butt Tight Dress DASH Store
    Commented on this photo:

    Her ass is so fucking big, it has it’s own zip code. If she tried anal with John Holmes, his balls would be slapping her ass and the head would not even be close to the hole at all!!!!

  30. Enhance…enhance…enhance…

  31. Kate

    Stinks of hair spray and desperation. Oh, and ass. Big, sweaty ass.

  32. She’s a mother. But that doesn’t matter to her. Poor child.

  33. Let’s blow the sperm whale up with dynamite! KABOOM!

  34. i think the shadow on the wall is more accurate, but even the shadow is ‘shopped.

  35. alright kartrashiass.
    COCO is so logging onto instagram AT THIS VERY MOMENT.
    say your prayers piss whore.

  36. She looks like one of those stone Neolithic fertility Goddesses. A fat, gross ass, enormous tits sagging down to the belly button, and a gut overhanging so much, it covers her lady parts.

  37. cc

    You could have a face like Helen of Troy it wouldn’t matter….I’d still look at that ass and go ‘Ew, not on my worst day’. It’s like some obscene tumor.

  38. some black dude

    damn she looks good as hell

  39. Dirty Travolta

    Her turds must be massive

  40. Kevin

    Jeaus Fish, you what the hell is the matter with you?
    Are you trying to make us all sick putting up the most repugnant picture you could find?

    Congratulations, you were actually able to turn my stomach. The only time I’ve felt wost after seeing anything was when I saw a half-burned body when I volunteered at the fire dept. to fulfill the community service requirment to get my high schooll diploma.

  41. Freebie

    She looks like a cartoon character and its not Jessica Rabbit

  42. Theghostofanalbleaching

    No one can tell me that ass isn’t a deformity. Someone should tell that bitch the bottoms are actually supposed to cover a woman’s bottom. She has haunches, damn animal haunches on her.

  43. fap

    Looks like a severe case of nappy ass without the nappy.

  44. That is some nice side boob..but her legs are too short..nice butt..but come on..she gave birth not that long ago..some airbrushing came into play here..

  45. Dick Cum

    Fucking disgusting! She should be hiding that hideous dumpster.

  46. I’ll never get it. Face: Totally fine. Tits: Downright spectacular. Ass: Looks like the back end of a paladin with a normal human top half. Looks like there is a serious medical condition being willfully ignored and untreated.

  47. Steve

    Damn this chick is hot! Omg so much booty, the things i would do…

    • LOL You dickless moron, you would get eaten by the ass and that’s it. You don’t have a cock so you can’t fuck it and you don’t have a brain so you can’t find it!

  48. Reggie

    Image it must take days for S*^t to come out of that, must be why it all comes out of her mouth.

  49. lol

    Sexy us always

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