BEST OF 2011: Kim Kardashian’s Engagement Will Be Televised

Welcome to the magical time between Christmas and New Year’s when The Superficial lazily rehashes all the posts you sick sons of bitches couldn’t get enough of. This year, in lieu of a Top 10, we’ve decided to break it down by the best post of each month so we can all relive the joy and majesty of 2011, and more importantly, give me an extra two posts to phone in so I can sit around thumbing my Christmas loot.


Entirely because I posted it with canned beach photos of Kris Humphries somehow lifting Kim Kardashian’s two ton ass in defiance of Earth’s gravity, the completely non-surprising news that their engagement conveniently occurred in time to air on the sixth season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians was the top post in June. And looking back at these photos after all that’s happened these past few months, I can’t help but feel nostalgic for the more innocent days of only 75% of the world thinking Kim Kardashian is full of shit instead of 99%. Maybe that makes me something of a hipster, but dammit, things were cooler back then. Now making fun of Kim is all mainstream when it used to be about the pee jokes. *cracks open PBR, matches Go-Bot belt buckle with skinny jeans and He-Man T-shirt* Who’s dressed like a man now, dad?!

Posted: 6.2.2011

Original Post: Kim Kardashian’s Proposal Also Being Televised. Of Course.

Posted: 6.20.2011

Original Post: Steven Spielberg Fired Megan Fox From Transformers, And She’s in a Bikini

Photos: Flynet, GSI Media, Splash News