It’s Kim Kardashian’s Butt In A Bikini

Probably the most elusive shots of Kim Kardashian are ones from behind where she’s in a bikini but not pre-arranging the sale of them therefore picking which shots are made public. Which is really just a fancy way of me explaining why these are grainy as hell yet I still paid money for them because hate her all you want, you people will gawk at that ass. It’s like a black hole for your eyes; you can’t escape it and I’m pretty sure time bends the closer you get to it. On that note, I also tossed in a couple shots of pregnant Kourtney because her butt is literally a Mini-Me of Kim’s. If I ever made love to it, I’m pretty sure I’d call it Verne then get mad if it didn’t drunkenly pee off a scooter.* I have needs.

*Apparently this clip is impossible to find now which makes me wonder why we even have an Internet.


Photos: Fame/Flynet