Kim Kardashian Made It Near Beyoncé, So Nobody Touch The Beyoncé. The Beyoncé Has Gone Bad

You know, I make a lot of jokes about Gwyneth Paltrow essentially touting Beyoncé as her “black friend” when she’s not attempting to own her like property, except at the end of the day, this is apparently what happens when the GOOP ain’t goopin’: Kim Kardashian fulfills her life’s mission. Here’s Kim and Beyoncé at Friday night’s Watch The Throne concert in Birmingham where you really have to respect the butt-balls on Kim to pretend like she doesn’t want her picture taken with Beyoncé even though this shot is clearly, “Hey, you, get over here with that camera.” As for what Beyoncé was thinking, she’s an alcoholic. A terrible, terrible alcoholic. I hate being the one to break it to you.

Photos: Team Kanye Daily