Kim Kardashian Had A Baby And No One Gave A Shit

“Who is this.. Kim Kardashian?”
“Internal logic failure. Kylie unit must not acknowledge existence of predecessor. Whore processor meltdown imminent. Beep boop bop.”

First, the least important part of this post: Kim Kardashian had a baby boy on Saturday. And now the most important part: nobody gave a fuck. Including her own family! Kendall bolted out of the country barely an hour later. Kylie went shopping with Hailey Baldwin where she refused to acknowledge the child’s existence. Basically, only Khloe showed up, but that probably has more to do with the smell of afterbirth than seeing her new nephew. They say her eyes turned black. Or maybe just looked at a black guy. Definitely one of those.

UPDATE: The assholes went with “Saint West.”

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Photos: FameFlynet