Kim Kardashian ‘Attacked’ in Nightclub

Wait, that’s Kourtney. I, uh, I have no idea how that just happened…

Kim Kardashian reportedly had a drink thrown on her last night which resulted in a Kardashian family throwdown at a New York City nightclub, according to TMZ:

The Kardashian clan was at Juliet last night, when a male fan asked for a pic with Kim. His girlfriend flew off the handle and threw a drink at Kim.
Scott Disick and Khloe jumped into the fracas and in the scuffle, Khloe’s ring flew off and skidded across the floor. Our spies inside the club say Khloe literally dove across the floor to retrieve it … which she eventually did.

You know how know this story is bullshit? Scott Disick “jumped in the fracas.” I’ve actually seen Scott in person, and the dude’s stature is almost Frankie Muniz-esque if Frankie Muniz really wanted to fit in at the yacht club. Had they just said he stood there wondering how the hell he’s still banging the hot one, I might have believed it until Khloe started diving on the floor for something that wasn’t a bear claw. Your reporting has some holes in it, TMZ. That’s all I’m saying.

UPDATE: Turns out this thing did happen. Click Here for Photos.

Photos: Splash News