RIP #FingersInTheBootyAssBitch

If you enjoyed all that talk about Kanye taking a finger or the butt, or him unconvincingly trying to deny that he took said finger in said butt, that’s all over now thanks to Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose agreeing to meet at Kris Jenner’s house because apparently the new greatest trick the Devil ever pulled is stopping strippers and porn stars from talking about Kanye West’s anus. TMZ reports:

Our Amber sources say Kim called her Monday afternoon and asked to meet at Kris Jenner’s house early that evening. Amber accepted the invite, and the 2 hashed things out. We’re told after a long conversation they’re both good with each other.

Of course, the real question is how do we know this isn’t just Kylie Jenner with her head shaved? What else is she there for? What else is she there for?

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Photo: Twitter