The Buttqueen Got A Foot Rub And Said Something About Equality

This week in “Kim Kardashian Spews Out-of-Touch Dribble,” Allure Magazine caught up with Madame Buttqueen to talk about her radical thoughts on feminism and raising children. Unfortunately for Allure, they ran into a scheduling conflict and had to overlap their interview during Kim’s foot rub session. The show must go on though, so they filmed it anyway. It is most ironic to watch someone talk about female equality in front of one of her peasants, whose sole purpose on this earth is to make sure her toesies don’t get crusty.

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The rest of the Allure interview is available here. It’s pretty much just more of the same shit. She lives like royalty and eats $46 toast. She loves taking naked pictures because it allows her to eat $46 toast. She doesn’t like to give North West presents because she wants her to be “rounded.” It’s a very strange but interesting insight into the personal life of someone who literally does nothing and receives the world in return.