Australia Is Afraid Kim Kardashian’s Perfume Will Set Their Kangaroos on Fire

Kim Kardashian’s perfume, the one that comes in the little vial of white kryptonite, apparently has so much alcohol in it that delivery carriers are refusing to ship it in certain parts of Australia. Aussies who paid good money to smell like bad acting and regret will be refunded because apparently her perfume is more flammable than Los Angeles right now. According to TMZ, Kardashian’s company didn’t mention on their website that Australia had “blackout zones” for delivering what sounds like lavender-smelling napalm.

“TMZ has learned the perfume is considered a ‘flammable/hazardous material’ because of its alcohol content and can’t be shipped by FedEx and other carriers. Overseas customers have been complaining because there was no warning on Kim’s website that there were blackout zones.

Sources connected to Kim tell us she and her people were first told there wouldn’t be an issue in shipping the goods overseas. Now that they know, they’re in the process of contacting customers one by one who are still empty-handed, promising a full refund.” (from TMZ)

This is pretty much the entire Kardashian business model in a nutshell. Shill crappy products that cost nothing to make for absurd markups and hope for the best. If a few areas of Australia don’t get their stinky water, then fuck ‘em — they’re already rich.

Do I feel bad for the poor Australians who won’t be able to smell like urinal cakes this Christmas? Of course I do… Now, how will people be able to identify them in public as idiots off of smell alone? Guess they’ll have to wait until they open their mouth at a sandwich shop and ask whether or not they can make vegan pastrami…

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