Kim Kardashian Doesn’t Have a Problem With Kanye’s Finances at All, Guys

Kim Kardashian has supposedly given Kanye some mid-nuptual paperwork protecting her ass-made assets from his debts and legal issues. From CeleBuzz:

Kim is making sure her money and assets are protected in case Kanye goes broke defending himself in these legal suits. A source says the KKW Beauty founder — who earned a whopping $45.5 million in 2016, according to Forbes — wants her husband to sign a contract that will absolve her of his money problems.

“If Kanye doesn’t comply, she will have no option but to initiate divorce proceedings again,” an insider tells Radar, adding Kim “won’t be married to a man who could ruin her and leave their kids destitute.” (Celebuzz)

It may seem a little dramatic, but I doubt Kanye could ever do enough dumb shit in a single lifetime that could leave that family “destitute.” Still, it seems on par with her character that Madame Buttqueen would preemptively have him sign these documents now as a lay up while she and Kris strategize the best fashion season to file for divorce.

Sometimes I genuinely feel bad for Kanye West. Marrying into the House of Buttqueen has to be pretty hard on the guy who’s main source of income is his talent. Say what you will about the guy’s life choices, but you can’t deny his contributions to music. Sure he has a deal with Adidas, but the guy’s main source of income is his art (I’m choosing to ignore the Pablo-era stuff for the sake of this argument). Compared to other rappers-turned-business-tycoons like Jay-Z, 50 Cent, and P. Diddy, who near the billion dollar benchmark daily, Kanye only has his music as his big moneymaker.