Kim And Khloe’s Butt Powers Unite To Battle Evildoers

On their way to NBCUniversal’s Upfront party, Buttgirl and Booblady took some time to do some casual crime fighting. The call came in around 3:28 P.M. when Booblady’s nipples began to glow while taking a selfie. Their Crimestagram showed a live-streamed purse snatching, only a few blocks away.

Buttgirl was quickly able to thwart the purse snatcher by diving out of a third-story window into the alleyway where the perp was trying to escape. In a death-defying display of derrière dominance, she was able to land with lunar-landing accuracy atop the head of the purse snatcher with her signature move, the “butt suck”.

“Oh, my god – Khlo,  that’s the third bad guy you’ve shoved in your butt in 24 hours, do you need to like, use the bathroom or something?”

*Buttgirl raises her arms and roars in triumph*

The lowly criminal remained inside the confines of her giant ass until she delivered him straight to Chief West.

Another job well done, girls…